Freebie: zentagle embroidery design

Like I promised, here's my first freebie. Practice is the best way to get better in stitching, and as I noticed, I'm more careful and diligent, when I'm embroidering a design and not just stitching lines or shapes on a piece of not needed fabric.

So here's a bit of zentangle art that I turned into a embroidery design. Reminds whitework a little bit, doesn't it? 

It is very simple and consists only of lines, which suits the purpose of the practice session perfectly, as it is made exactly to explore the line stitches.

The stem of this flower is made of whipped back stitch, and if you don't know how to work it, take a peek here. The outline of the leaf and each petal is stitched with split stitch using two strands of thread. Here's the post about the split stitch for your convenience. And last but not the least, the leaf's veins and the lines inside the flower are stitched with stem stitch. In one my posts I already talked about the different looks of the stem stitch depending on which side of thread the needle goes up, and here I tried to show it: three petals are stitched with the needle coming up from above the thread and three petals where the needle comes up from below the thread.

You may notice, that my previous two posts were written on the base of stitching exactly this embroidery pattern, so be sure to check them out for helpful tips: hiding thread on the backside and the must-know when changing the direction of stem stitching. The last advice will be very helpful when working the lines inside the petals and the veins of the leaf.

I didn't decide yet what to do with this particular piece. I guess I might add to it another designs in the same zentangle style. Note, that you may use any color you want to stitch this design and you can add any stitches you know, that you find suitable for it. Those are the advantages of a free embroidery design – experiment and do what you want with it!

Download the design here.


  1. Thank you much! It will be great for me to improve my embroidery stitching!

  2. Dear Amina. your work is really wonderful! Thank you for all the inspiration you share with us. Best wishes from Lara



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