Open and raised fishbone stitches and leaf stitch

Open and raised fishbone stitches and leaf stitch

Today we have a big task ahead of us! 3 new stitches to learn :)

DIY Scissors fob tutorial

DIY Scissor fob tutorial

Today is a special day because we are going to learn how to make a quick and pretty scissors fob! Get on board :)

Feather stitch variations

Feather stitch variations

Since all the basic stitches are already covered in the Stitch Library, it is time go over some variations and derivatives! Today, in particular, I would like to speak about some feather stitch variations :)

Hand embroidery lettering ideas

Hand embroidery lettering ideas

Here are some ideas on how to work quotes and monograms in hand embroidery!

July Round-Up

August is already here and it means it's time for the traditional round-up! Check if you missed anything on Stitch Floral in the past month :) Also, catch the news about the upcoming sale at the end of the post!

Your works, Stitch Floral designs

works by stitch floral designs

The easiest DIY pin cushion

Easy DIY pin cushion tutorial

Easy and quick pin cushion to make when you're short on time or simply feel like taking it easy :)

Freebie! Ribbon embroidered forget-me-nots

Freebie! Ribbon embroidered forget-me-nots

It's not really the season for forget-me-nots yet, but this flower tutorial was requested for a special event that will take place in fall, and I was happy to work on it :) So catch this freebie!

"Stunning stitches for crazy quilts" review and Giveaway!

"Stunning stitches for crazy quilts" review

I'm happy to be part of the Blog Tour for this lovely book. Read till the end to know how to win an electronic copy of “Stunning stitches for crazy quilts”! :)

Colorful and spiritual: new design is already in store!

Boho hand embroidery pattern

Catch my new design in the Etsy store! Read more about it below :)

June Round-up and Giveaway Alert!

Needlepainting tips part 10: secret behind getting the rows right

Needlepainting tips part 10: secret behind getting the rows right

Now, this is not exactly a “secret”... but it is also hardly ever brought up, although I do see beginners making this mistake.

How to work mountmellick stitch

Mountmellick stitch tutorial

Did you know that the name “Mountmellick” refers not only to a stitch but also to a specific embroidery style?

Palestrina stitch tutorial

Palestrina stitch tutorial

If you dream about a pearl necklace but can't have one... stitch one! :)

Scroll stitch tutorial

Scroll stitch tutorial

This month I suggest taking on some knotted lien stitches. I promise you will fall in love with them!

Covering up your mistakes in hand embroidery

Covering up your mistakes in hand embroidery

Today's post is about how to be lazy and still get something done in your embroidery work :D

May Round-Up

colorful embroidery

Time for the monthly round-up! Let's see what happened on Stitch Floral blog during May :)

How to choose embroidery needle: 4 conditions to consider

How to choose embroidery needle

Needlepainting tips part 9: filling a shape with long and short stitch

Needlepainting tips: filling a shape with long and short stitch

This topic is something I've wanted to cover for a while now. It is especially beneficial for beginner embroiderers who are currently exploring long and short stitching and needlepainting.

The Real Detached Buttonhole

Detached buttonhole

What does “real” detached buttonhole mean? Were the other lessons on this stitch fake?? Let's find out! ;)

Detached Buttonhole variations

double looped detached buttonhole

Let's learn a bit of needle lacing :)

Detached buttonhole on irregular shapes

Detached buttonhole on irregular shapes

Last time we talked about detached buttonhole, I showed you the examples worked on squares. But, let's be real – working perfect squares in your hand embroidery is quite a rare event. So, today let's see how to apply this technique for the shapes that are more likely to be used in your embroidery projects!

April Round-Up

Needlepainting PDF tutorial

May has already started which means it's time to reminisce what happens on Stitch Floral for the past month!

6 things to do when you're facing a creative block

6 things to do when you're facing a creative block

Although this post is dedicated to embroidery and embroidery artists, I believe this topic is relevant for everyone who works in the creative field or has artistic hobby and inspirations. Read this list of suggestions and adjust for yourself and your creative interest.

Where to find inspiration and how to deal with creative blocks: Part 1

hand embroidery inspiration and creative blocks

This post is written due to similar questions I got asked on Instagram. So here is an attempt of a more detailed answer :)

Detached buttonhole: learn the two types

Detached buttonhole: learn the two types

Another way of filling a shape in your embroidery pattern :)

Jewel flowers already in store!

Jewel Series: Rhodochrosite hand embroidery pattern

The new designs finally hit the store! I'm super excited and hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. Read to know more details behind these needleworks :)

March Round-Up

March Round-Up

Here's everything that happened in March on Stitch Floral blog, and also a sneak peek to plans for April!

Needlepainting tips part 8: Importance of correct direction

Needlepainting tips

Before we start, an important announcement!

I'm having a SALE in my Etsy shop: everything is down 15% until the end of March. Hurry up to make your purchase, especially if you already have my designs in the cart!

10 tips for hand embroidery beginners

10 tips for hand embroidery beginners

So I sat down and thought about what kind of advice I would give to beginner stitchers and managed to write a whole essay, haha.

Lattice work variations: 8 examples

Lattice work variations

Today we will take a look at Lattice work variations!

Lattice work basics

Lattice work basics

Starting today, let's take a look at the stitching technique called “Lattice”! I have 3 lessons planned, with the first one being just the basics.

Jewel Series: Amber, and what an embroidery draft looks like

Jewel Series: Amber

Here's a little preview of the new series I'm currently working on! Also, let me show you the preliminary stage of developing a design, hehe.

February Round-up and apology

Amelia hand embroidery designs

March is already here! Warm weather hasn't come to my place yet, but we'll get there. In the meantime, let's take a look at what happened last month on StitchFloral. Also, I would like to apologize for something...

8 spring and summer hand embroidery projects

8 spring & summer hand embroidery projects

Don't know about you but I can't wait for spring to come! That always happens to me when there is this period between cold and warm weather when the temperature is steadily around 0°C and the streets are covered in snow mixed with puddles. Not my favorite sight, frankly speaking. The good news is that this period can be spent stitching something bright and warm preparing for the new season to come :)

Freebies: 3 PDF patterns

Free hand embroidery patterns plants

Seasonal freebies for you lovely people :)

Stem stitch crash course: everything you need to know

Stem stitch crash course, stem stitch tips

Stem stitch is probably one of the basic, easiest stitches out there. But there are actually so many aspects to it that can leave a learning stitcher confused. So today we will inspect all of the little details that make up a successful stem stitch, one by one, and I will share ALL the tips that I know with you. Let's go!

Chevron stitch lesson: line and filler

Chevron stitch lesson: line and filler

Hi! Here's the last new stitch for this month but it coincidentally starts a whole other section of stitches, hehe. Let's take a look!

Arrowhead embroidery stitch: single, line and filler

Arrowhead embroidery stitch

Today is arrowhead's day!

Learn how to seed stitch and how to shade with seeding

Learn how to seed stitch and how to shade with seeding

Resurrecting stitch lessons from the dead :) Today let's talk about seed stitching!

Amelia designs are now in the store!

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Yay! Read on for all the details! :)

December & January Round-up

Amelia embroidery pattern

Sorry, it is a little late, I just wanted to wait for Monday :) Take a look at what happened on the blog for the past 2 months and check if you missed anything!

How to start & end embroidery thread: updated posts

How to start & end embroidery thread

New old posts on hand embroidery essentials :)

Amelia: new designs preview

Amelia embroidery pattern by Stitch Floral

Time for the new series of designs! They are almost ready, so here's a little preview of what to expect :)

Metallic thread tips: DMC Diamant

Metallic thread tips: DMC Diamant

Hello everyone! StitchFloral is back from winter vacations :) And we start the new year on a golden note, hehe :)