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Jewels Stitch Floral

Here are the new members of the Jewels family! I wonder if you can guess which precious stones have inspired these two flowers?

Jewels Stitch Floral

Jewels Stitch Floral

Actually, it is very simple! It is Amethyst and Ruby.

I tried hard to reflect how Amethyst has this quite a cold color on top but it switches to the warm golden sand color on the bottom. Funnily, I was trying to determine what to call the color on its top – dark violet? Blue-violet? Purple? - and then I found out that “amethyst” is already a name for the color itself!

The Ruby flower has a very rich and juicy color palette: you fill find there shades of scarlet, purple and burgundy (I tried to follow the color palette of a raw ruby rather than faceted, that's why it is so colorful). Frankly speaking, even these photographs don't give Ruby justice. A true queen :)

The order of work is pretty similar to the previous Jewels so if you've worked one of them, the new ones should be a piece of cake. But I still added some new tricks so that you can practice something fresh :) 

And, like always, expect a lot of step by step pictures!

I also decided that these flowers will be the last in the Jewel family, at least for now.

I still really want to make a flower based on a moonstone, for example... imagine how pretty it would be? Or a tender flower inspired by rose quartz! And, finally, my dream is to stitch a flower inspired by black aventurine :) I used to have a bead bracelet with this stone when I was at high school, and I still remember how fascinated I was with its glimmering. It reminded me of a night sky full of twinkling stars. I'm not sure how to translate that feeling into a flower, though, haha.

So yes, all of that is still in my to-do list. But later, God willing. For now, I would like to give way for some new ideas :)

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