Jewel flowers already in store!

Jewel Series: Rhodochrosite hand embroidery pattern

The new designs finally hit the store! I'm super excited and hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. Read to know more details behind these needleworks :)

Jewel Series: Amber hand embroidery pattern

Last month I already gave you a preview of the new collection in this post. You can also see there how an embroidery draft looks like, haha. Well, you already got a nice idea from there about the color palette for both of the designs. Now they are both ready and complete, as well as instructions to work them so I can tell you a bit more!

These series take inspiration from gemstone and crystals. Mostly it is reflected in the color palette, but also a little in shapes.

Jewel Series: Rhodochrosite hand embroidery pattern

The pink flower is based on Rhodochrosite. Is it just me who thinks the name “Rhodochrosite” feels very tough and rough, which is the complete opposite to how the gemstone actually looks like? The color palette of blush pink, light corals and crimson creates an impression of delicacy and tenderness. That's probably why this stone is often associated with heart and feelings and is considered February's stone. Because of Valentine's day, I suppose? Personally, though, I don't like to limit love and affection to purely romantic, there are many types of love and each one deserves a celebration :)

The rhodochrosite flower also has a circle shape, which reminds of the gemstone's cut with rings of color. If you google the name of the gemstone or search for it on Pinterest, you will notice the similarity!

Jewel Series: Amber hand embroidery pattern

And this is Amber! Joyful, cheerful, full of positive energy and, may I say, confidence. I totally understand why this gemstone is often associated with success and accomplishments and at the same time with happiness. It feels like a little piece of sun, and the sun stands both for gladness, elation, and tenacity. So many associations and impressions from this flower and the stone that inspired it.

As far as I know, Amber is assigned to Taurus and also some consider it as a November birthstone. Yeah, that's a little weird since the times for both are quite far. Maybe the reason is that it's not even really a stone but rather a type of resin.

Jewel Series: Amber hand embroidery pattern

But, to be honest, I'm just giving these references about months simply because you might want to work it as a present for someone precious who is born in that particular month, or maybe it is a date special to you. Otherwise, I feel that the message of the stones and the flowers inspired by them is large and rich and doesn't have to be stuck to a certain time of a year.

Jewel Series: Rhodochrosite hand embroidery pattern

Disclaimer: these flowers don't have any healing properties and will not make your wishes come true, haha. But they are very pretty and will look great as a decoration or embellishment, and they have their own mood and character.

So if you do indeed feel like giving a present to someone and wish them success – you can put these feelings into the Amber flower you stitch with your own hands. Or express your tender feelings through the Rhodochrosite flower. It will be a very soft and subtle gesture, but deep in meaning.

Jewel Series: Amber hand embroidery pattern

Shall we speak about the technical side of these designs?

At the starting stage of developing the designs, when I was thinking of the technical side, I decided that it is time to make them a bit more complicated in long and short stitching area. But also, I wanted stitchers who don't have enough experience yet, to not be lost while working them.

As a sort of a compromise, the long and short stitching is more challenging than what I've ever made for my patterns, but also the instructions have the biggest number of step by step pictures.

Jewel Series: Amber hand embroidery pattern

The Amber flower is slightly easier to work, because the three petals in the back are worked pretty much the same way and can be stitched at the same time. It is reflected in my instructions.

Rhodochrosite, though, has an individual pattern of color placement for each petal. That's why I consider it a bit more difficult. But fear not! The pattern has (brace yourself) around 50 images to guide you through, including each step for each petal.

So, yeah, that's why I say these projects are perfect for your first needlepainting challenge! There is enough visual material to support you. They are also not big in size, so you will not get too tired of the new technique. You actually won't even notice how quickly you will work it!

Jewel Series: Rhodochrosite hand embroidery pattern

Let's also mention the golden frame! I actually got questions asking what kind of golden metallic I'm using for it, but it just cotton floss! You can notice that the filling in Rhodochrosite's frame is denser than Amber's. You get to decide which one you prefer while you work it. I will just warn you that the dense stitching will take a longer time, naturally, and may tire you out. But there is a simple solution: just switch to another place and then get back to the frame :)

I stitched these designs on simple dressmaker's linen, by the way. It is a bit more rustic compared to special “embroidery linen”, but I just want you to know that you can use this material for your needlework as well. The weaving in this linen was not as tight as I would ideally prefer (I got used to working with cotton, after all), but I just strengthened it with interfacing and everything worked out great!

Jewel Series: Rhodochrosite hand embroidery pattern

I almost forgot to say! The “Jewel Series” collection will hopefully expand to more new flowers inspired by gemstones and with new pretty frames! I already have written down some gems I wish to give a floral shape to, but I wonder if you have any ideas? Hm? :)

These designs are already in the Etsy store and available for purchase! Check them out and read descriptions carefully :) Enjoy working them and don't forget to show your results!  

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