How to choose embroidery needle: 4 conditions to consider

How to choose embroidery needle

Needlepainting tips part 9: filling a shape with long and short stitch

Needlepainting tips: filling a shape with long and short stitch

This topic is something I've wanted to cover for a while now. It is especially beneficial for beginner embroiderers who are currently exploring long and short stitching and needlepainting.

The Real Detached Buttonhole

Detached buttonhole

What does “real” detached buttonhole mean? Were the other lessons on this stitch fake?? Let's find out! ;)

Detached Buttonhole variations

double looped detached buttonhole

Let's learn a bit of needle lacing :)

Detached buttonhole on irregular shapes

Detached buttonhole on irregular shapes

Last time we talked about detached buttonhole, I showed you the examples worked on squares. But, let's be real – working perfect squares in your hand embroidery is quite a rare event. So, today let's see how to apply this technique for the shapes that are more likely to be used in your embroidery projects!

April Round-Up

Needlepainting PDF tutorial

May has already started which means it's time to reminisce what happens on Stitch Floral for the past month!