Embroidery doodles

Reporting on new embroidery journal pages!

#HibiscusChallenge Part 3: Palm leaf and Monstera

embroidery stitch along

This is the last part of our #HibiscusChallenge!

New embroidery journal pages: digging into my stash

diy fabric page

My new embroidery journal has grown several more pages! Take a look at them :)

#HibiscusChallenge Part 2: Hibiscus Leaves

embroidery tutorial

The new instructions have arrived, are you ready?

Embroidery Journal: repurposing old works as pages. Tutorial.

textile journal

If you don't know what to stitch and don't want to start anything big, do some small stitching and turn it into a journal :) A tutorial inside!

#HibiscusChallenge Part 1: The Flower

Are you excited to start the new Stitch Along??

Watercolor progress and Bullet Journaling

Continuing to report about my progress in learning watercolor!

#HibiscusChallenge starts on Wednesday

Hibiscus embroidery

I hope you're ready to have some stitching fun in the nearest couple weeks :)