Embroidery doodles

Reporting on new embroidery journal pages!

For the most part, I'm currently trying to incorporate my old works in this new journal and see what comes out. As of now, the majority of them have already found their places on the pages (literally *on* and not “in” because they are pretty much pasted on top of the pages :D), and only 2 pieces are left to include.

Today I'm ready to show 3 new pages, and you will recognize there:

and this one, which doesn't have a name, oops.

The Incognito one got paired with this line stitches sampler since I noticed the same burgundy thread I used in them. Then a matching background fabric and a couple of other scraps were discovered. Thankfully these scraps still had that edge with a color palette which also fit very nicely in this company.

embroidery journal pages

So I tried to play with collaging a little, and, although, I'm still not good at it, I really liked the layout.

But then a question arose on how to fill the empty space between the patches of fabric because it looked a little boring without anything stitchery going on.

And, I'm pretty sure there are many other amazing alternatives, but I suddenly wanted to doodle with needle and thread a little!

It's probably Bullet Journaling influence. I don't do much doodling in my own one, I like more to use some scrap paper and stickers. But since I see lots of pretty layouts on Pinterest with fun doodling that makes the page more engaging, I thought why not try it here as well :)

You can see how it turned out below (spot crested chain stitch, it is an amazing stitch that deserves more love and appreciation).

embroidery journal

embroidery journals

embroidery journal

As for Euphoria, for some reason, I didn't want to make a busy background for it. So I found some old light pink linen, patched the embroidery piece on top, and stitched what I call a “Wi-Fi” frame there together with some shy doodles. It's very simple but I love the result! It is so... marshmallowy?

embroidery doodles

embroidery journal pages

The funny fact is that for both of these pages I had totally different plans. For the Incognito one (is this going to be the official name now?) I wanted to use some strips of fabric there and work some horizontal borders. And for Euphoria, I actually wanted to make a sort of collage and repeat the pink floral motif there on some of the patches.

But when you actually sit to do the pages, it doesn't feel like you're in control at all!

Anyway, here's the new home of Ranunculus:

I think it fits in nicely there :)

I used strips of leftover fabric, laid them out on a piece of muslin, and stitched them down using a loose running stitch. Then, I stitched the embroidery piece down in the center of the page, using running stitch too but very tiny and in matching white thread. I couched floss thread along the border, making a knot in the corner, and then played with decorative motifs a little outside of the patch.

embroidery journal pages

embroidery journal pages

embroidery journal pages

I'm starting to miss actually stitching a new project, to be honest... but I'm trying to build that hunger and momentum and practice with journaling for now.

Hope you and your loved ones are safe! Take care!


  1. Great work Amina..! Three pages that you have introduced are really nice. Thanks.

  2. Amina, hola desde Argentina! Tus trabajos son increĆ­bles! Espero llegar a bordar con la misma magia que tu tienes! Un abrazo y que sigas bien.

    1. ¡Saludos a Argentina! ¡Muchas gracias y muchos abrazos!


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