Watercolor progress and Bullet Journaling

Continuing to report about my progress in learning watercolor!

To be honest, the process is going muuuch slower than I would like because I have a watercolor session only a couple days a month. Of course, there is no one and nothing to blame except for me :D

The picture above is my favorite one from the last ones! I tried to copy another picture, it was actually a cross-stitch pattern that was included in my purchase of a frame. There is one more of hydrangea but I'm kind of scared to try it, too many details, haha. This one had to be simplified a little too, I erased some leaves and berries.

So, this is probably one of my most favorite works up to date, but I'm still not satisfied with how I draw leaves and with watery blotches here and there.

Well, it's good to know what exactly you need to work on!

Here are some other works. The one with the black background is after Shayda Campbell Youtube tutorial. I really love her tutorials, but I realize that I'm still a little too slow to follow them, haha. It's unlikely to stop me, though :D

The other one you might recognize as the #HibiscusChallenge prototype. I drew it right from my head... It was hard but I'm happy with it :) Some details had to be simplified for the embroidery pattern, though.

By the way, are there any Bullet Journaling enthusiasts here?

You might notice the wild rose being pasted in a notebook, that's my journal!

I started it in February and it became a mix of bullet journal where I track my productivity and write down tasks for days/weeks/month, and also a sort of junk journal where I do various collages.

It's a lot of fun actually! I will not show the early layouts because I didn't have any definite style there so it's a mess, haha. But here are some layouts that I'm really fond of.

I also have a sketchbook which I visit once in a while and try to draw something fun :)

Not all the pages are this pretty there! There's a lot of unfinished pieces, pencil sketches and failed drawings which I don't feel like showing, haha.

What about you? Any side hobbies that make you happy these days? :)

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