#HibiscusChallenge starts on Wednesday

Hibiscus embroidery

I hope you're ready to have some stitching fun in the nearest couple weeks :)

Hibiscus pattern is ready and I prepared lots of step by step pictures for you. Let's challenge ourselves to practice our hand embroidery skills and work this project full of summer vibes!

How This Challenge Will Go?

1. Get the pattern.

It was already distributed to subscribers, so if you're signed up to Stitch Floral, check your inbox.

If you're not subscribed yet, you can do that here. In the welcoming message, you will get details about a Stitch Floral Resources page, where this pattern is stored as well.

2. Every Wednesday check Stitch Floral for a new portion of instructions. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday 08.04: Hibiscus flower
Wednesday 15.04: Hibiscus leaves + upper branches
Wednesday 22.04: Palm leaf + Monstera

3. Post your WIPs (work in progress) on Instagram with #hibiscuschallenge or send them to my e-mail aminakdesigns[@]hotmail.com.

The main point of a Stitch Along is to work this challenge together at the same time, support and help each other along the way :)

Hibiscus embroidery


  • The work is done mostly with 1 strand of thread, in a couple of elements with 2 strands of thread.
  • The most time-consuming and difficult part of the project is the Hibiscus flower and that's exactly what we will start with. 
  • After that, the leaves will be easy and it will be a nice, chill stitching session that you might even finish in one day. 
  • The palm leaf will be just a tidbit more difficult, but still, quite chill. 
  • Monstera will have long and short stitching again but it will have no shading and worked in a "plain" manner, just vertically. 
  • Don't worry if you can't finish the first part in one week! The next part is quite chill, as I said, so you will have enough time to catch up. Just keep going according to your own pace!
  • And never hesitate to ask me questions! The purpose of this challenge is your practice, learning, improving. 
  • If you have Instagram, I'm likely to answer quicker there.

That's all! Leave your comments down below if you have any questions :)
Let's enjoy this project together!


  1. Is the Hibiscus made with one strand? we begin on next Wednesday, isn't it. I still have to look for colours - so far I only have the linen prepared
    Let's go!

    1. Yes, the flower is worked with 1 strand! Almost all of the elements are worked with 1 strand, the only exceptions are (spoiler, lol) leaves around Hibiscus and the veins of Monstera.

      It starts next Wednesday, the 8th :)

      I believe a certain improvisation with colors is possible, just make sure to have the same number of shades :)

      You can start with sourcing colors for Hibiscus because that will be the first thing we will stitch. Hibiscus needs 3 shades of magenta pink and a goldenish yellow.

  2. Hi again. I've printed your pdf. but it is much, much larger than a A4! Is it? or is my impressor with any problem?

    1. PDF is A4 and the pattern also suits A4 :) The size is mentioned on the page with the pattern. Does it look bigger in pictures? :D

  3. Thank you. The impressor only print half of A4 but is an error, methinks. Let's see. I'll give news.

  4. Oh, that's what you mean! Should be an error, the document is suited for A4. Hope it gets fixed easily :)

    1. Yes it's done
      Just one more thing. Can you name (more or less) the colours. I have most of the colours chosen not for the number (I have old strands) but for the colours (more or less) but can't "see" colour E and many doubts between colours F and J Thanks

  5. méri, here I classified the colors:

    A + B + C = 3 shades of pink magenta for the flower
    D = stamen for the flower
    E = branches, dark brown
    F = green for Hibiscus leaves + 1/3 colors in the branches' leaves
    G = 1/3 colors in the branch + veins in Monstera
    H = dark cyan for the palm leaf + used in Monstera a little
    I = Monstera
    J = Monstera + 1/3 colors in the branches' leaves


    Flower: A,B,C + D
    Flower leaves: F
    Branches: E + F,G,J
    Palm Leaf: H
    Monstera: H,G (veins) + I,J

  6. Bonjour Amina, je suis abonnée à votre blog, mais je n'ai pas reçu le motif du challenge Hibiscus pour le téléchatger et le broder.
    merci beaucoup pour tous vos modèles et tutos.. qui sont bien utiles en cette période difficile... Belle journée à vous, MIP

  7. Hi! Please see the first "Welcome!" message that you have recieved after signing up. There is information about a Resource Library, and the password to access it. You can download the pattern there.


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