New embroidery journal pages: digging into my stash

diy fabric page

My new embroidery journal has grown several more pages! Take a look at them :)

Since the last time I told you about the start of my new journal (and also gave a tutorial on how to prepare the pages for it) it has already grown a little bigger.

In fact, it definitely looks like it will be larger than my first embroidery journal. That one had only 5 double pages, and I'm already working on the 4th double page in the new one and there are still many past works to use.

For now, I used the pumpkin design in this page:

I simply stitched it down to a page of dark grey color, a sort of applique, I guess. And played a little with a pattern at the bottom for no reason. I just think it made the page a bit more interesting and fun to look at :)

This design is free, by the way! All the details are in the link above.

And this is the next double page.

On the left is another free design that I worked long time ago but was only 80% satisfied with it so it ended up stored in my stash for a long time. Now it has a cozy new home and I think it looks lovely here :)

You can find this pattern here.

On the right, is some kind of collage that I made for fun. Finally, I found a way to use some of my fabric scraps that are left from the times when I was into patchwork!

diy fabric page

And here is a whole page made of scraps! This is sooo much fun, I swear.

Usually when you work some embroidery and then cut the final piece according to the frame, or hoop where you want to keep it, there are many fabric scraps left.

Honestly speaking, I started storing them only recently with a hunch that they might come in handy some day. And this is exactly what happened. Now I found a way to make journal pages out of them!

For this page, I used fabric scraps left from my embroidery projects, also you might see there pieces of green dyed fabric scrap and a scrap of checkered patchwork fabric. All of the scraps were put together on a piece of cheap muslin and stitched with horizontal rows of running stitch.

And then I freestyled a little wild plant there using wool thread that I found in my mother's stash :)

diy fabric page

diy fabric page

diy fabric page

diy fabric page

It's probably not very clear, but it is supposed to be yarrow plant :D

So these are embroidery journal adventures for now. Can't wait for the new pages to come!
Stay safe wherever you are :)


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