Freebies: 3 PDF patterns

Free hand embroidery patterns plants

Seasonal freebies for you lovely people :)

A few days ago I asked on my Instagram account if I should post the pattern for this plant and since some of you answered positively, here it is!

But surprise surprise! There are 3 patterns instead of 1 actually.

Free hand embroidery patterns plants

The thing is, I stitched this plant quite a while ago, in 2017. At first, I wanted to work all 3 patterns and offer them as tutorials in my Etsy shop. But some things went wrong. After I completed the first one, I offhandedly worked the second one... Obviously wasn't satisfied with it, but also was too lazy to re-work it since I already didn't feel it. As for the third one, I didn't even touch it because the interest and spark were gone completely.

Fickle much, huh?

Well, I've got nothing to say to my defense, haha. I either feel it or not.

I remember at that time I was trying to follow the whole fashion of green plants and ended up not really into it... I guess it's a good lesson that you shouldn't blindly follow any trend if you aren't sincerely invested in it :)

Anyway, as a result of this whole story, I have 3 patterns on my PC that I'd rather share here for you to work than let it dust in my folders. The “green” trend is also still alive, so if you like this theme – you are welcome to use these patterns for your stitching enjoyment!

You will find the link to download the pattern below and now let's take a look at possible ways of working them.

Recommendations on stitches

So I will just tell you how I worked one of the plants in case you need some directions and tips. But you can use any stitches you want for the patterns! Let your imagination run wild :)

stem stitching

I worked outline for the planter in stem stitch using 2 strands of floss and medium stitches so the ropy effect would come in full force ;)

satin stitch

For the little triangles there, I used satin stitch. I worked an outline in split stitch first, then filled the shapes with parallel stitches, all of that using 1 strand of floss. The shapes are quite small, and they are very cute after satin stitch is worked, the puff up like small pillows, haha.

hand embroidery borders

In between the little triangles, I worked 3 fly stitches at each stop, one inside the other, like a Russian doll. Then worked a simple zigzag over the triangles to throw in some dark color. I call it zigzag, but it's not really a name of a stitch, I just worked straight stitches in that manner. Nothing too complicated.

seed stitch

And then I filled the empty space between the borders in seed stitch of the same color as the outline.

split stitch leaves

As for the leaves, they are all worked in split stitch using 2 strands of floss.

hand embroidery leaves

The veins in some of the leaves can be worked in stem stitch again (or outline stitch in my case).

That's pretty much it. I worked the other plant design almost the same way, using the same stitches for the same elements. As for the third pattern with an array of various plants – I didn't even plan anything before I dropped it so I leave it all up to you ;)

If you work the patterns please show me your results! You can send them on my e-mail or tag me on Instagram @stitch_floral. Looking forward to seeing your works! :)


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  2. Thanks amina, for the wonderful write up! I rather love your interesting articles and your language!

  3. And thanks for the lovely patterns, i wil definitely try them and send you results, as they may be..

  4. Sorry, for so many repeated comments! 😂 But wish you all the best anyway!

    1. Haha, no worries! Every comment makes me smile, thank you :)

  5. Thank you very much for this wonderful post Amina .

  6. Hi Amina! What DMC thread colors did you use for this?? LOVE your palette!

    1. Hi there :)

      Leaves: 522,520 and I didn't find the match for the third one, it probably finished, but 320 is very close.

      Stems: 413

      Goldenish: 422

      The triangles motif: 407 +169 (I also added a darker 413 just on the sides of triangles to make them stand out more

  7. thank you so much for this free pattern. love you

  8. Cant wait to stitch these! Going to try the big one for my plant loving cousin!!

  9. Thank you so much for the patterns. I can't wait to get started.😁


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