December & January Round-up

Amelia embroidery pattern

Sorry, it is a little late, I just wanted to wait for Monday :) Take a look at what happened on the blog for the past 2 months and check if you missed anything!

As I previously mentioned, because of my winter vacations around New Year, I'm joining December and January for this round-up.


January wasn't very rich on posts, actually, because I'm trying to focus on the new designs that I've recently teased. The new series is called Amelia and consists of two floral patterns and two quotes. Just a little is left to finish with it, and then I will be able to take a breath... and start something new, haha. Unfortunately, my productivity level is still something that demands improving but we'll get there, hehe.

Also, in December I released Vignette collection for those that want to create hand embroidered ornaments. Mine were proudly decorating the tree along with traditional ornaments and stole everyone's attention :)

Another process that was started and completed in December was the impromptu flower bouquet where we practiced some of the stitches we previously had learned. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 and try making one on your own :)

We also spoke on the question of interlining in hand embroidery. I suggested an idea that I don't really see being talked about among stitchers – and that is, to use fusible interlining instead of the second fabric below the one you use for the front of your piece. I've discussed the advantages of this point by point and mentioned the drawbacks of this method that one should also be aware of before trying. Personally, for me, the positives still outweigh the cons :)

Speaking of strengthing the fabric you're using, one of the cases you'd want to do that is when you use metallic threads! Here's the post about DMC Diamant – the friendliest DMC metallic thread I've come across to date. You will find some tips there and might be surprised at how drastically easier it is work with compared to the stranded metallics of the same brand. It can even be used for making French knots – which, by the way, got their own Crash Course on this blog! Check to find all the tips to make nice French knots and to know the possible reasons of your failed ones :(

Lastly, let me mention again that I've updated the old posts on how to start thread and how to finish it. These are the essentials of hand embriodery so I wanted to keep the posts up to date with what I've learned since I'd written them.

February plans

First of all, please look forward to the new designs! They are almost ready :)

Secondly, when was the last time we learned some new stitches? In November? That will not do! So yes, I think new stitches is what we should start this month from :) Also there are some topics about needlepainting that I've been craving to cover, so expect the new episode of our “needlepainting tips”. I'm also mulling over making a post about lettering in hand embroidery and which stitches you can use to spell out whatever it is that you want to spell out. As for the rest, when the time comes, we'll see :) Hope to spend a joyful February with you all! 

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