Vignette: embroidered ornaments PDF in the store now!

DIY embroidered ornaments

Bring some pretty florals to your Christmas and New Year's installations! The PDF tutorial is finally available for purchase. read below to find out more about the project :)

I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you! I've already spoiled some details about the new DIY ornaments project before, but now that it's officially in the store, I can't wait to tell you more, haha.

The idea came to me rather recently, when I was starting to think about decorating my place for winter holidays. Christmas is not really a big deal here, instead we put all of our efforts into New Year's celebration. But I suppose the style of decorating our homes is still pretty much the same with a fur-tree (faux most of the time), garlands and lights.

DIY embroidered ornaments

Vignette ornaments are created with a cheerful festive mood in mind but are also very elegant. Although they do contain green and red – traditional for this season colors – they are not screaming. Rather, they convey quiet grace.

The yellowish color used for the stems reminds of gold which also contributes to the whole festive mood. 

DIY embroidered ornaments

Chirpy but dignified – that was the main goal when creating this group of ornaments, and I think it worked out pretty well :)

You can buy the tutorial HERE.

DIY embroidered ornaments

The Etsy listing is for a PDF document which contains:

  • Materials & Instruments information
  • Stitches lessons
  • Pattern (original and reversed)
  • DMC thread index
  • Instructions on working the floral motifs with pictures
  • Instructions on assembling the ornaments with pictures

All in all, there are 9 pages (not counting the title and introduction) to help you get through the project. And as always, you can contact me for any help and tips.

DIY embroidered ornaments

Working these ornaments actually doesn't take that much time. I would say a week of evening sessions would be enough, although it always depends on your skills and time. But in any case, there is enough time before the holidays start.

What makes the project easier to complete is the fact that all four shapes are designed in the same style. That's why after you make one, the other three will be easier and faster to finish!

DIY embroidered ornaments

You can also make four of these Christmas ornaments, put in a pretty box, add some filling material, wrap it up and give to your friends or family members as a DIY gift :) It would be a really precious present made with your own hands.

The listing costs 19$ (for all four shapes together) but depending on your location, Etsy might add a VAT fee.

So, yeah! Go to my Etsy store and check it out :) Don't forget to share your results once you finish them! 

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