Flower Bouquet, Part 2 (and a short break notice)

Embroidered flower bouquet

Here is the finished bouquet from the last week! Also a short notice about hiatus :)


Stitch Floral will take a little break till the middle of January due to the winter holidays. A bit of vacation won't hurt anyone, right?

I will use this time, however, to concentrate on my new designs and also to tweak some things on the blog. There are some old posts where the information is relevant but the pictures don't satisfy me, so I'd like to edit them. Well, along the way, if needed, I may add something to the old posts, I guess. Also, I'm working on a page with all the most important posts for easier navigation around the blog :)

Although I won't be active here for a while, I will still be answering your letters, so don't hesitate to send a message through the contact form. You can also find me via Instagram any time, and I will keep posting there even on break.

Flower Bouquet

Now, let's go back to our main subject!

The bouquet is done, yay! :)

I will pick it up from where I stopped last time so you can read Part 1 to learn about the start of the process. I will just remind that it is a self-indulgent practice piece which purpose was to include the stitches for dimensional flowers. I've also improvised a lot since I didn't have any finalized pattern.

Turkey stitch

So here we have Turkey stitch flower. I decided to fill the whole circle with it to get some high level of fluff!

Turkey stitch

After I finished with the three of them, here's how it looks. Reminds of dandelions a bit, doesn't it? Also, I find it cute how the other flower gets flattened at the top because of this heavy fluff, haha.

Embroidered flower bouquet

Having considered the general shape of the bouquet I decided that it should be a bit higher, so I added some branches there (basically using the same method as in this post).

Embroidered flower bouquet

And filled the branches with French knots. One strand of floss, one wrap around the needle. These are tiny tinies, yes, and when you look at them from a distance they look like tiny splatters of paint.

Embroidered flower bouquet

Finally, small cast-on stitch flowers! I used 1 strand of floss here too and the shapes of flowers are very different. Some of these flowers have 4 petals, some have 3 and some are just one arched cast-on stitch. In the middle, they have French knots.

Embroidered flower bouquet

Embroidered flower bouquet

So, that's the final look!

I hope you got some energy from this bright bouquet and will try to make one yourself :) I haven't used woven picot and spider web stitches here, unfortunately, because they didn't fit in the process. Maybe if I sat and thought through the design diligently I would find a nice place for them, but alas. Next time, hopefully :)

I must say it was a lot of fun to create this bouquet! I know these stitches but I rarely use them so it was a nice change in my embroidery routine. And, like always, it gave me some ideas for new designs! Never underestimate practice sessions, they can bring you to places you didn't expect :)

Lastly, happy holidays everyone! I hope you spend them with your darling people, feel warm and cozy and stay healthy! See you in January!  

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