New spread is ready! See you later, Blue Journal

stitch book

Embroidering lacey borders: tutorial


lace border embroidery

DIY easy fabric envelope for your embroidery journal

easy fabric envelope tutorial

I love time capsules!

Stitching a lacey sampler: Part 1


embroidery border tutorial

Royal Copenhagen inspired embroidery

Filling an irregular shape with long and short stitching

needlepainting tutorial

How to use variegated thread in hand embroidery


Variegated thread tips

Patchwork for an embroidery page


patchwork embroidery journal

Free embroidery pattern and tutorial


hand embroidery rose tutorial

Catch the new freebie! It doesn't have a name, I just call it “rose”, maybe you have some suggestions? :)

Podcast with FiberTalk!


Amina K Fiber Talk

Your journals and the winner announcement!

stitched journal

Embroidery mini-journal complete!

needlepainting flower

The last spread is finished, let's take a look at it!

Embroidery mini-journal tutorial: Mandala


embroidery mandala tutorial

Embroidery mini-journal tutorial

stitch book journal


Stitch Floral journal complete


embroidery journal

Hey, guys!

Make an embroidery journal and win a giveaway!


how to make an embroidery journal

The new course on building an embroidery journal is officially launched!

Etsy shop closing in September


Unexpected news :(

Your soul is an ocean of thousands waves

Here's a new spread from the Blue Journal!

The Blue Embroidery Journal

embroidery journal

Can you embroider without a hoop?

back stitch embroidery

Officially in love! Important announcements

embroidery white on blue

Guys, if you follow this blog, please read till the end :)

Shade of Gold designs have finally arrived!

elegant embroidery patterns

Would you take a look at them? :)

Hand Embroidery FAQ

embroidery faq

There are 15 questions gathered in this FAQ, will you find yours? If not, write it in the comments! :)

Clover: free hand embroidery pattern

clover free embroidery pattern

Shop update: new prices

embroidery designs shop

Guys, I have some amazing news! All designs at my shop went down in prices and the Needlepainting for beginners course is not only ~20% cheaper now, but is also available with a new pricing plan!

How many strands of thread to use in embroidery?

Knotted diamond stitch tutorial

border stitch embroidery

Shade of Gold: New Patterns for Beginners!

Ceylon Stitch Tutorial: Knitting Imitation in Embroidery

ceylon stitch tutorial

How many Black embroidery artists do you know?

My second embroidery journal is complete!

embroidery journal

So, this journal didn't grow that big, after all.

How to learn embroidery at home?

how to learn embroidery at home

#HibiscusChallenge: Your Results!

Hibiscus Embroidery

Here's a little gallery of our joint efforts!

Memento: Beginner-Friendly Embroidery Design

beginner embroidery pattern

As promised, here is a “fancy but easy” pattern that you asked for on Instagram!

Needlepainting Tips Part 13: Fixing A Shape

needle painting tips

Embroidery doodles

Reporting on new embroidery journal pages!

#HibiscusChallenge Part 3: Palm leaf and Monstera

embroidery stitch along

This is the last part of our #HibiscusChallenge!

New embroidery journal pages: digging into my stash

diy fabric page

My new embroidery journal has grown several more pages! Take a look at them :)

#HibiscusChallenge Part 2: Hibiscus Leaves

embroidery tutorial

The new instructions have arrived, are you ready?

Embroidery Journal: repurposing old works as pages. Tutorial.

textile journal

If you don't know what to stitch and don't want to start anything big, do some small stitching and turn it into a journal :) A tutorial inside!

#HibiscusChallenge Part 1: The Flower

Are you excited to start the new Stitch Along??

Watercolor progress and Bullet Journaling

Continuing to report about my progress in learning watercolor!

#HibiscusChallenge starts on Wednesday

Hibiscus embroidery

I hope you're ready to have some stitching fun in the nearest couple weeks :)

Hibiscus challenge coming up!

long and short stitching

Hi, everyone! SO excited to tell you that the next Stitch Along might start sooner than expected. I hope you don't mind ;)

DIY Marble Fabric Dyeing

fabric dyeing

How about some fun experiments with fabrics and colors? :)

Needlepainting tips part 12: more layers = better shading?

needlepainting tips

Today I offer you a new case study!

Make your own flower brooch!

how to make embroidered brooch

You can enroll for half the price during the first week :) Read till the end!

Sewing VS. stabbing. What is better?

sewing method of stitching stabbing method of stitching

You probably already have the answer! :)

Raised stem stitch tutorial

How to work raised stem stitch

Here's an alternative to our good old stem stitch!

Are you ready for Spring? Wild rose brooch coming soon!

wild rose stumpwork

Can you tell I've been into stumpwork lately?