Shade of Gold: New Patterns for Beginners!

Exciting news! New designs are heading soon to my Etsy shop :)

It seems like I had a bit too much fun while developing Memento pattern for beginners and couldn't stop at just one, haha.

Shade of Gold is going to be a set of two patterns imitating lineart.

You can see one of them complete in the pictures. The other one has a similar plant motif (if you are subscribed, you probably have already seen the preview of another pattern).

Let's break down some of the coolest things about these patterns:

  • only 2 stitches

  • only 1 color of thread

  • elegant design

  • despite their simplicity, they provide a great embroidery training (don't underestimate the importance of repetitive up and down stitching movement: the more your hand and eyes are trained, the more efficient you get in embroidery!).

I used only 1 strand of thread for this design but you can totally use 2 strands to make it bolder and quicker to work.

I hope you like it! :) 


  1. Thank you so much! I love those patterns. I'm gonna enjoy learning the ones I haven't done as yet!!

  2. I love your work so much! I'm currently working through one of your free patterns - almost finished, and I'll share it when I am! Is it possible to let me know the name /number of this gorgeous golden colour you're using here please?

    1. I'm happy you're enjoying it, please do share! I will be looking forward to it :) it is 3828, but don't tell anyone! ;)

  3. Thank you so much for telling me. I never would have guessed! Buying thread on the Internet is soooooo tricky - all the colours look different on screen to real life! I've finally finished the other piece... Not sure how I can share here, so will tag you on IG, hope that's ok? So appreciate everything you're doing :-)

    1. Yes, that's why I always buy at local stores :D I will tell you more, the color even looks different under different lighting :D Thank you so much for showing your work, it is beyond lovely! ❤


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