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Stitching Hydrangea: dimensional embroidery tutorial

Hydrangea embroidery tutorial

The art of hand embroidery has a lot of tricks in its sleeves!

Embroidery Art Journal Complete

embroidered journal

It is finished and it got a name!

Tailor's buttonhole stitch

Hand embroidery blog

It's been a while since we had a tutorial for a new stitch here, right? I thought it's time to revive this tradition and add some new names to the Stitch Library of this blog :)

Embroidering on faux suede

Embroidering on faux suede

Golden Henna: new embroidery design is already out!

Today I come bearing exciting news :)

Needlepainting Tips Part 11, Stitch Floral is now on YouTube!

Needlepainting tips

Stitch Floral unexpectedly got a YouTube channel :)

Lovecrafts Haul

Lovecrafts review