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#HibiscusChallenge Part 1: The Flower

Are you excited to start the new Stitch Along??

Watercolor progress and Bullet Journaling

wild rose watercolor

Continuing to report about my progress in learning watercolor!

#HibiscusChallenge starts on Wednesday

Hibiscus embroidery

I hope you're ready to have some stitching fun in the nearest couple weeks :)

Hibiscus challenge coming up!

long and short stitching

Hi, everyone! SO excited to tell you that the next Stitch Along might start sooner than expected. I hope you don't mind ;)

DIY Marble Fabric Dyeing

fabric dyeing

How about some fun experiments with fabrics and colors? :)

Needlepainting tips part 12: more layers = better shading?

needlepainting tips

Today I offer you a new case study!

Make your own flower brooch!

how to make embroidered brooch

You can enroll for half the price during the first week :) Read till the end!