Dreamy Embroidery with Amina (get 30$ off)

dreamy embroidery

Hey, guys! Today I come to you with some exciting news!

If you want to learn hand embroidery with me, let's do so in the comprehensive hand embroidery course that I'm working on with Class101.

Sign Up to the Course

It's a long-term project, with an in-depth curriculum that will dive deep into all matters of stitching, starting with covering the basics, explaining the stitches in a detailed way and bringing you confidence in advanced techniques like needle painting.

The aim of the course is to upgrade your embroidery skills until you're confident enough to venture in your own adventures with needle and thread :)

The difference with my other courses:

  • A more in-depth and thorough curriculum consisting of 20-30 lessons (20-30 minutes each);

  • CLASS KIT delivered to your doorstep (makes me extra excited!);

  • 1:1 communication with me;

  • Completing missions as you go through the course;

  • Improved production quality;

  • You can influence the curriculum (more on that below);

  • New exclusive projects.

If you're interested in the course:

1). Sign up on this page (click “Follow”) and get a 25$ COUPON which you'll be able to use when the course sales start.

Note that signing up does NOT require any payments! It's only a way to say “yes, I'm interested, keep me updated”.

The work on the course will not start until I hit at least 200 followers.

2). Don't skip the survey!

After signing up, you will be offered a poll with several questions, including what exactly you're looking forward to the most in this course. Your feedback is VERY important, it will greatly help me to adjust the curriculum to meet your needs as best as I can. Besides, completing the survey will get you an extra 5$ COUPON.

3). You will be notified when presales of the course start. Early Bird prices are generally ~30% lower than the final one, and you will be able to use all your coupons!

It is a great deal, but remember that presales start in advance before the course is published, so there will be some waiting period. On the bright side, you will get your Class Kit delivered in time before we start with the course :)

I'm looking forward to seeing you among the students and stitching something lovely and charming together! If you have any questions, do ask below in the comments!


  1. How much does the course cost? I couldn't find a price anywhere on the link.

    1. Hi! The exact price will be clear only after finalizing the curriculum, but generally speaking, this type of course is expected to be in the 150-200$ gap.

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