Hi there! I'm Amina!

Welcome to Stitchfloral: a blog where you can find lots of stuff related to hand embroidery and other types of handcraft. If you are interested in embroidery tips&tricks, tutorials, and “how-to” revelations, this place will offer you exactly this kind of info. I also post news from my shop and my personal embroidery routine, so whether you are a beginner or a seasoned stitcher, feel yourself like home!

So many people are making their first steps in embroidery, and it makes me really happy to see how this art is regaining its popularity among crafters. I know that the lack of experience may intimidate beginning stitchers, but I'm sure:

It doesn't matter when you start embroidering – anyone can become friends with needle and thread regardless of background.

You see, I don't have many years of experience myself and I wasn't brought up in a family of embroiderists. I likewise don't have any teacher by my side who could tell me about all the “insiders' tips”.

But I'm hungry for knowledge and trying things out.

I'm still learning and there are so many things about hand embroidery on my checklist, that I want to study. So join me in this journey! Let's learn the secrets of hand embroidery together!

If you want to know more about me, take a peek here