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Here is the library of stitches that I have covered and am going to cover in my posts, it includes lessons, tutorials, tips for improving the stitches and samplers. It is a work in the progress though, so excuse the stitches that don't have the links yet - I am yet to write about them.

Also, I'm quite sure there will be additions and changes along the way because the number of stitches and techniques in hand embroidery is just mind-blowing.

Line stitches & their variations:

Chain stitch family:

Fly + Feather stitches:

Fishbone, Cretan, Herringbone:


  • Fern stitch
  • Paris stitch
  • Chevron stitch
  • Double chevron stitch

Buttonhole stitch:


Solid filling stitches:

Isolated stitches and knots:

Knotted line & band stitches: