My "monster" embroidery course: pre-sales started!


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Hi, everyone! Great news! The Pre-Sales of the new course just started, click here to check it out!

So, several things I would like to mention about the upcoming course.

Survey Results

First of all, I'm really happy that we held a survey among the followers of the course page, and I'm very thankful to everyone who participated. It gave a necessary insight into your wishes and where you're standing right now.

Price. We adjusted the price of the course according to the majority's preference. And, considering that until the course launches on August 24th, this will be a period of pre-sales when the prices are even lower and that most of you have coupons, I hope that you find the prices attractive :)

Color palette. One of the things that stood out the most in the survey results was your wish to learn more about combining and matching colors! That actually surprised me, I didn't expect that. And that's why I'm very glad we did the survey and found out what exactly you're interested in. Sooo... long story short, you will get 2 WHOLE CHAPTERS on this topic alone inshallah!

Skills level. As the survey showed, most of the course followers are seasoned stitchers looking to perfect their skills, so inshallah, we will focus on needlepainting practice working some pretty designs during this course :)


I've already planned out the curriculum so that you have a better idea of what to expect in the course. The reason I call it a "monster" embroidery course, because it is going to have 34 lessons, and 5 projects in total!

However, please be aware that there might be some changes along the way during the production period.


  1. Meet your instructor

  2. Introduction to the course

  3. Introduction to the program

Chapter 1: Hand Embroidery Basics

  1. Choosing Thread, Fabric, and Needles

  2. Choosing other instruments

  3. How to start your thread

  4. How to end your thread

  5. Extra tips for your hand embroidery journey to sail smoothly

Chapter 2: Essential Stitches

  1. Back stitch, Stem stitch, French Knots

  2. Split stitch, Lazy Daisy stitch

  3. Satin stitch, Fly stitch

  4. Bullion knots, Fishbone stitch

Chapter 3: Botanical Sampler Panel

  1. Stitching Practice: Flower #1

  2. Stitching Practice: Flower #2

  3. Stitching Practice: Flower #3

  4. Stitching Practice: Flower #4

Chapter 4: Long and Short Stitching

  1. Long and Short Stitch lesson

  2. Common mistakes to avoid

  3. Game-changing tips to elevate your technique

  4. Practice: Stitch a sampler to train your shapes

Chapter 5: Needlepainting, a floral composition

  1. Let's stitch a needlepainting design together step by step: beginning

  2. The central part

  3. Filling the rest of the design

  4. Last touches

Chapter 6: Colors in Needlepainting

  1. Color wheel: Hues, Tints, Shades

  2. Color blending in needlepainting

  3. Adding “drama” with contrasting colors

  4. Practice: explore color coombinations on a set of similar shapes

Chapter 7: Color a Floral Wreath on Your Own!

  1. Finding YOUR own color palette (colored pencils/paints needed)

  2. Explore the chosen colors and pick your gradients

  3. Choosing the thread combinations, stitching a draft

  4. Stitch a Floral wreath, using YOUR own color palette

Bonus Chapter: Creating your own design from scratch

  1. Drawing and Stitching

  2. How to adjust your drawing for the embroidery purpose?


  1. Congratulations on completing the course!

Become a student!

To reiterate... In the course, we are going to cover the necessary basics, after which we will fully dive into all things long and short stitching and needlepainting. 

All the tips and secrets that are scattered around this blog, will be given in a concise, concentrated , and comprehensive manner together with projects for practice. 

We will also study color combinations and deciding on your color palette for a design – a very exciting topic that I've never really talked with you about and soooo looking forward to explore!

All in all, there are 5 projects waiting for you:

  • Botanical Sampler using essential stitches (no long and short stitch yet)

  • Long and Short stitch sampler to train our shapes

  • A full needlepainting project

  • Practice sampler to explore color combinations

  • Needlepainting Floral Wreath that you will stitch with your own color palette

I can't wait to share all these fun processes with you!

Lastly, A Class Kit is available for the extra price! There was a question in the Survey about the fitting price for the Kit so we tried to adjust it to the results, while also keeping in mind the shipping fees. That kind of made it a bit simple, but it will have all the necessary materials: 20 skeins of DMC stranded cotton thread, cotton fabric, needles, scissors and a water-erasable marker. If you purchase the course before the launch (i.e. during the pre-sales period), the Kit should be at your doorstep before it starts :)

Hit me in the comments section with any questions that you have! Super thrilled to start working on this monster embroidery course!


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