Amelia designs are now in the store!

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Yay! Read on for all the details! :)

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Whenever I work on a collection of designs, the happiest moment is always when they go on sale and I can finally take a breath, haha. So, yes, I'm super excited to tell you that all of the patterns are already available for purchase at my Etsy store, both individually and in various bundles (more on that below)!

The new collection is influenced quite heavily by Boho style.

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Lush florals are bursting with life, colors, and flavors. The goal wasn't to make them realistic. My aim was to reach a balance and make them equally pretty and practical in terms of stitching. I'm oriented on those stitchers that are already confident in basics but want to venture into something a bit more complicated.

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

The hanging pendants are one of my favorite details in these designs :)

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

I've already played with this idea a little here and here and I'm extremely happy to bring it into the full-scale serious design. It is also one of the features that set these designs apart from simple floral compositions.

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Pendants add the boho style notes, the flavor of delicacy and elegance, a combination of nature and chic. Love it!

There are 2 floral designs in this series. They are a bit different in their mood and difficulty level. The one with warmer coral tones is a bit easier in terms of long and short stitching in the main flower. It also has brighter youthful energy. The violet one has a “colder” color palette and is a bit more difficult in terms of shading on the flower petals. Its charm is more mature and calm, but still just as delicate and pretty.

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

When I look at them, they remind me of that typical pair of friends where one would be super lively and spirited and the other one would be more serene and quiet. They complete each other so well, even though they are both called Amelia, haha.

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Rather than making a set of a few similar looking floral designs, this time I decided to add some positive quotes! It's a first but hopefully not the last time because, in my mind, reminders and positive sayings should always be a thing. Let's Spread love and Give thanks! Let's stay humble and be grateful for our blessings, at the same time sharing our blessings with others :)

The boho style is continued in the quotes' design – swirly and flirty calligraphy is complemented by strict geometric frames.

The golden tint in all of the designs (leaves, flower stamen, pendants, and frames) is something that also amplifies the boho chic effect. No metallic thread is used here – the golden tint is achieved by  embroidery floss of a fitting color.

I finish my embroidery by mounting it on an art canvas but you can always frame it and hang on a wall or take a more practical approach and make a clutch bag, for example!

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Like always, I did my best to make the PDF instructions as clear as possible. In every PDF file you will find:

  • original pattern and reversed pattern for iron-on transferring
  • stitches' lessons
  • thread index
  • information on tools and materials and how to start and end embroidery thread (although I don't go too much into detail so if you're a beginner you might want to check the guide to embroidery tag and read more posts on basics)
  • complete instructions with step by step pictures

13 pages in total for each of the floral designs and 8 pages for each of the quotes.

Amelia Boho embroidery designs

Note that there are bundles available for purchase. So if you want to work the two quotes, for example, – you can buy a respective bundle and save money. The same goes for two floral designs and 2+1 bundles where you can take 1 floral design with 2 quotes complementing it, like in the picture above.

Go to my Etsy shop to see all the possibilities of how you can combine the patterns!

P.S. One more piece of news that I hope will make you happy! Serenity and Aqua Botanicals series are now 20% cheaper. It is a permanent decrease in price and their way to greet the new collection, hehe :)

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