Amelia: new designs preview

Amelia embroidery pattern by Stitch Floral

Time for the new series of designs! They are almost ready, so here's a little preview of what to expect :)

It's my first time to suggest a written text as a design but I really wanted to include some positive quotes/affirmations in my new collection. Something you can hang on the wall as a reminder to smile and try your best just one more time. Yeah, I like this stuff, haha.

Amelia embroidery pattern by Stitch Floral

Give thanks”

I guess the importance of feeling and expressing your gratitude to other people is pretty obvious. You may think they know but often times they actually don't... I'm that type of person who is rather socially awkward and has problems with expressing my feelings, that's why this reminder means a lot to me. Gotta find ways to express myself better no matter how awkward it is :(

Okay, back to embroidery, haha.

There are going to be 4 designs all in all: 2 quotes and 2 flowers.

Quotes have similar styling and colors, whereas flowers are quite different in color palette but the patterns have a similar style.

Amelia embroidery pattern by Stitch Floral

This flower is very airy, delicate, romantic due to the abundance of light colors. The other flower is going to have violet tones so I'd say it will feel a bit more “grounded” and ehm, mature? but nonetheless equally charming and dainty :)

Amelia embroidery pattern by Stitch Floral

Also, featuring my favorite pendants again! I can't get enough of them, I really love including this detail to my embroidery and it never fails to add that extra part of exquisite.

Previously I only added them to my practice pieces: this one and Euphoria. Now it's time for the official debut! haha.

So, that's what I've been busying myself with lately :)

Can't wait for the launch of this collection, I already feel so bonded with it! All my favorite things: rich florals, pendants and positive reminders in one place, ah! Might be my favorite yet. Please look forward to it!

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