Make an embroidery journal and win a giveaway!


how to make an embroidery journal

The new course on building an embroidery journal is officially launched!

Thank you to everyone who have already enrolled (287 people, WOW!) and I really hope you benefitted from it and got inspired to make a journal of your own :)

I remember how pumped up I was when working on my first journal. This thrilling sense of a new adventure and curiosity of “what if”s, desire to explore more possibilities! Ah... And the best thing is that I'm still feeling the same way even working on my 3rd journal.

If you already have an idea of what you're going to make, tell in the comments! Let's share our ideas!

If you don't have any specific vision yet, there is a final project at the end of the course, with plenty of templates for you to just get a hang of it while making a pretty mini-journal. I'm looking forward to seeing your versions!

And, to make things a bit more exciting for you....

Let's have a GIVEAWAY!

Yaayy :))

Show me some of your spreads, and receive a chance to win a bundle of pretty fabrics to use in your journals and also exclusive, already printed out patterns from me :)


  • Deadline is September 30th! Winner announcement: October 1st.

  • The winner will be chosen randomly. Open internationally.

  • 1 journal spread = 1 entry, 2 journal spreads = 2 entries and so on.

  • ANY journal type is accepted, be it something of your own creation from scratch or the mini-journal project from the course. BUT there has to be some stitching done. Just two printed fabrics as pages won't count, painting on fabric won't count. These journals are valid and cool, but we are talking about embroidery here, after all :)

How to participate?

I prefer monitoring your works on Instagram, it's more convenient. So if you have an account there, then tag me @stitch_floral in your posts or stories featuring your journals, and mention that you would like to participate in the giveaway. For example, “this is my entry to @stitchfloral giveaway”, or something like that. Well, just let me know that you want to participate.

If you don't have Instagram account, it's okay! Send me your works on, I will count them too.

Please make sure that I can contact you on the day of announcing the winner, that your e-mail is working, and that your DMs on Instagram are open. If you don't reply in two days, I will be choosing another winner!

That's all, if you have any extra questions, drop them in the comments!

I'm soooo excited, I can't express it enough! Sitting on the edge of my chair while waiting to see your wonderful creations!


  1. I would love to participate. I have been wanting to start an embroidery journal and your course plus this giveaway is just the push I need to start on it.

    1. That's great, Sharon! Share your work and you're in ❤

  2. I'm currently picking my fabrics. I watched all the videos yesterday and am ready to start stitching.

  3. Hi Amina,
    So very happy to be subscribed to your newsletter!
    I've been enjoying hearing you and watch all the details you've shared in your course and really love it all.
    I've always thought this is a difficult project and your embroidery journals make me dream so much... such a lovely gift for maker friends.
    Not sure I could make it for the end of the month but anyway, I' would love to participate and I'll share the wip project on my instagram gallery @laboutiquedemelimelo So excited to choose yarns and fabrics in my actual stash.
    See you soon and thank you again, your blog posts, the course, the stitch along... all motivation!

    1. Hi, Meli! long time no see, hope you've been well :)
      Aaah so excited to see your beautiful journal, probably in tender colors?

      I think, if you make it of smaller size, you can pretty much get it done before the deadline. I also accept spreads, as in two pages stogether, so you don't have to finish the whole journal!

      Looking forward to seeing your works :)

    2. Hi Amina ! You're right, it has been a long time ;)
      Shame on me as I always open your newsletter and love reading each of your blog posts but don't comment so often... ooops...
      Your smaller size suggestion has been such a good idea to begin and get the idea of how it works. I will begin to share my wip from this evening on my instagram, see you soon... surprise (s) ;)

    3. Meli, your journal is amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  4. Thank you for teaching your clever techniques for constructing these journals. I am going to try my hand at a journal to collect those little embroidery experiments that have had no obvious destination — until now!

    1. Yes, these works deserve home! :) It's going to be such a lovely journal ❤

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