#HibiscusChallenge: Your Results!

Hibiscus Embroidery

Here's a little gallery of our joint efforts!

Thank you very much to everyone who took part and shared your works! It takes persistence to finish a project following a certain schedule. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new along the way, and let's keep on stitching together for a long time! :)

Those of you who still didn't finish, don't worry and take your time to complete the pattern. Your results can be added to the gallery whenever you send them to me.

You can send them to aminakdesigns[@]hotmail.com or tag stitch_floral on Instagram with the #hibiscuschallenge hashtag.

Also, if you wonder where you can get the pattern:

  1. Sign up to StitchFloral

  2. Open the Welcome message in your inbox and look for information about Resources Library and the password to access it.

  3. And there you can download the pattern for free.

  4. You will find instructions here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

So here are the results! Let's congratulate everyone who completed the pattern and cheer on those who are still trying their best!


hibiscus embroidery


hibiscus embroidery


hibiscus embroidery


hibiscus embroidery


hibiscus embroidery

Everyone did great! Especially in times of lockdown and restricted resources. 

I apologize that I can't embed Instagram posts now due to some changes in the platform. I put the links in the names, so make sure to check the originals!

Thank you again, for joining! Let's look forward to a new Stitch Along and hope it will be held in better conditions :D

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