Memento: Beginner-Friendly Embroidery Design

beginner embroidery pattern

As promised, here is a “fancy but easy” pattern that you asked for on Instagram!

Since this period is giving birth to new stitchers all over the world, and also encourages seasoned but “retired” stitchers to get back to the needle and thread, I would like to introduce more beginner-friendly designs and patterns so that more of us could unite under the flag of needlework!

That sounds a little too dramatic, but in a nutshell that's how it is :D

The first in the lineup is Memento design, and it is very beginner-friendly. It wants to make a lot of friends!

Check it out

Its strong points are:

  • Easy stitches
  • 90% of the work is done with 2 stitches
  • You need only 2 colors of thread
  • The motifs can be worked together or individually
  • Will look fantastic on t-shirts, clutches and bags

Let's take a closer look!

beginner embroidery pattern

beginner embroidery pattern

beginner embroidery pattern

beginner embroidery pattern

The PDF document is standard: it has a pattern, thread index, stitches' lessons, and instructions with step-y-step pictures.

beginner embroidery pattern

Knowing essentials (like starting and ending your thread, transferring design) is encouraged, because although I do give some information on these topics, if you just took a needle and thread in your hands today for the first time, it might not be enough. In this case, you can check the blog posts in the Guide to embroidery tag, or you can ask me anything through the contact form and we will figure it out in shaa Allah :)

If you buy it now, you can benefit from the sale currently going on in my Etsy shop (and subscribers already got an extra cookie, check your inbox!)

Hope you like it!

Next in the lineup is....

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