Shade of Gold designs have finally arrived!

elegant embroidery patterns

Would you take a look at them? :)

When we learn embroidery, at first, we don't really have that many stitches in our vocabulary. And even among the ones we have, some still need practice. I know, because I was there too! :)

I tried to make my previous design for beginners Memento as easy as possible, with simple stitches and very detailed instructions. But then I decided to take it a step further and make something even simpler and easier.

So that even if you hold a needle in your hands for the first time, if you feel nervous about learning too many new stitches, if you're scared that something will go wrong – you'd have a foolproof project like this one where you can stitch something classy and elegant with minimal knowledge in embroidery.

Please welcome “Shade of Gold” :)

elegant hand embroidery

simple hand embroidery

It is a set of TWO patterns. They come together in one PDF.

Moreover, each of them is presented in 3 modifications: A4, A5 and suitable for 18cm/7” embroidery hoop.

minimalistic embroidery pattern

minimalistic embroidery pattern

Why these sizes? So that you have a choice whether to leave your work in a hoop, or to frame it – and when it comes to the latter, A4 and a5 frames are the easiest to find.

The focus of these patterns is simplicity.

They are elegant and charming, and the delicacy of lines with occasional “fragile” quirkiness will help you mask some possible irregularities in your stitches.

What else makes them simple?

embroidery close up

minimalistic embroidery patterns

They are worked entirely in 1 color!

Of course, I give you the suggestion for the “golden” color that I used (it is stranded cotton, by the way, not metallic!). But, obviously, you can work it on any color of fabric and use and color of thread. I'm so looking forward to your interpretations!

Last but not least, you need only 1 stitch to work all the lines and only 1 stitch to fill halves of the leaves.

If I were to describe this project in several words, I'd say that it promises a beautiful result with minimal efforts :)

Hope you enjoy these designs and let me see your wonderful works!

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