Podcast with FiberTalk!


Amina K Fiber Talk

Had so much pleasure recording a podcast with Gary from FiberTalk! English is not my native language but he created a very comfortable environment and it went easier than I expected :D

We chatted about my beginnings in hand embroidery, including my ribbon embroidery roots, about fear of talent, Russian embroidery artists, about my choice of taking a break from creating new designs (it was recorded before the news of Etsy shop closing), and touched upon many other subjects!

It was fun, so grab a cup of your preferred beverage this weekend and have a listen to it here.

You can also view it on Youtube down below:


  1. Great interview, Amina! I enjoyed hearing about your embroidery journey. You have such a soft sweet voice.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I was a bit nervous, so probably sound stiff :D I'm glad that you enjoyed :)


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