Your journals and the winner announcement!

stitched journal

Thank you everyone who took part in the giveaway challenge and shared your beautiful pages and spreads of embroidery journals. I really enjoyed following your journeys and now even feel a little sad that it's come to an end. I can only hope that this experience inspired some of you and you will keep creating these masterpieces!

And the winner of the giveaway is Sheila, @smb224 on Instagram. Congratulations! Please look forward to your prize :)

Now let's take a look at all of your works!

Gouri Joshi, @happyheartscreations

Gouri made a colorful embroidery journal of a bigger size, her speed and skills are amazing! Check out the video of her flipping through the journal on her Instagram.

Monique, @laboutiquedemelimelo

The prize for tiniest journal possible goes to Monique! :D Also, she used the idea of embroidery journal to make a cute needlebook! *taking notes*

Sheila, @smb224

Plants, wildflowers, bees, and all sorts cozy and calm: Sheila's journal is the epitome of charming and serene! Slow-life style. We are looking forward to seeing the finished look *wink*

Sharon, @sma_fb

Is Sharon my soulmate in embroidery journaling? The array of fun fabrics, applique, lettering: this style hits so close to home! Love it!

Gloria Elizabeth

I'm afraid I won't do justice explaining the genius behind Gloria's plan, so here's a quote from her letter:

My theme is “My heart leaps up”, the first line of a poem by the English poet William Wordsworth. I wanted the structure to capture the rainbow of the poem, the rising heart, and a spinning motion to suggest the joy the rainbow brings to the poet.

Pouring your impressions from a poem into an embroidered medium of a journal... that's amazing!

Once again, thank you to all the participants! You're such an inspiration!

A round of applause for all the hard work in these not so easy circumstances nowadays.


  1. Everyone did such a great job! So much talent on one page. ❤

    1. Indeed, everyone did so great! Congratulations!! ❤❤❤

  2. Great creations! I love them all. I'm especially intrigued by Monique's tiny journals. I just have to do a tiny one myself after seeing hers. Thank you to all the participants and to Amina, and congratulations to Sheila.

    1. I couldn't believe my eyes, it is so tiny! I can barely imagine how it feels holding it in hands :D

  3. Hi Amina! estan todos muy hermosos. Un gran trabajo el tuyo y el de las chicas! Abrazos desde Argentina.

  4. You have done a very great job! i am a big fan of your writing skills. Best of luck.


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