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patchwork embroidery journal

Do you know, that I actually took up patchwork classes before hand embroidery?

I did some patchwork on my sewing machine, making some bags and pillowcases (many of them left unfinished). And I also did a lot of patchwork by hand – that's actually what we did in the class. We either planned and worked a piece by hand in the class or we basted a larger project together so that we can finish it home using a sewing machine.

The most vivid memory was of working a whole pillowcase in “cathedral window” technique, all by hand, for a wide pillow. So much work, but I really enjoyed it! A wild thought just popped into my mind while writing this: what if that's when the inclination of hand stitching overtook me? Ooh woow

In any case, despite the fact that I really liked doing patchwork, especially by hand, I dropped it. And while working on this page, I remembered why :D

patchwork embroidery journal

patchwork stitch book

It's as if it is impossible for me to be precise in my patchwork pieces! 

Even with this one, although you don't see it, it actually turned out a little wonky on the sides :D It's just that the way the journal is bound together allows to hide these imperfections.

stitch book

blue patchwork fabrics

“What makes your heart so fragile?”

This question popped in my head while working on this spread. It's hard to pinpoint the exact train of thoughts and associations but I'm relatively sure that it has to do with the delicacy of china that these fabrics reminded me of.

One of the reasons I enjoy art journaling like this is because it allows me to do random lettering and pour out some types of thought-provoking questions like these ones, which don't necessarily need an answer but rather awake one or another emotion or memory.

embroidery in blue colors

embroidery in blue colors

embroidery art journal

The patchwork page is quite busy so this minimalistic doodle-like embroidery balances the whole spread and serves a good reminder that plant motifs don't always have to have green leaves. The checked fabric also continues the “square” motif from the left nicely.

I'm so happy to finally be back on track with this journal! I really missed it while working on the course and some other failed attempts on new designs :D I also still remember your suggestions for the topics for this Blue Journal, and looking forward to creating more spreads. Hope you enjoy this journey together with me! 


  1. Hola!!! eres bienvenida luego de unas merecidas vacaciones Amina!!! Aquí en el hemisferio sur estamos en primavera con los primeros atisbos de dias calurosos y muy escasas lluvias , si el clima sigue así, la vamos a pasar muy mal en el verano :(...
    Me encanto este ultimo trabajo! Leí en el newsletter que te mudaste, Te fuiste a vivir a Turquia!!!!!????? Eso es muy lejos. Deseo que te vaya muy bien, que Dios te bendiga y siga bendiciendo esas manos creativas tuyas. Cariños desde Córdoba, Argentina.

    1. Hola Fabiana !!! Muchas gracias por sus amables deseos. Dios los bendiga a usted y a su familia también. Manténgase a salvo en el verano, ¡espero que sea fácil para usted! ¡Amor y Abrazos a Argentina!

  2. Merci pour ces belles idées de broderie, simples, bleues qui , au final font un joli carnet de points...
    Bon Dimanche à vous, MIP...

  3. That blue flower is gorgeous. It would make a lovely bookmark. :)
    I was sure I saw somewhere that you were starting an embroidery group on discord, but I can't find the post. Did I imagine it? Haha

    1. Thank you, Sheila!

      I mentioned the Discord channel in my last Newsletter and also on Instagram, so you didn't imagine! They give a short-lived link though, it expires after a day.

      if you copy-paste the link, it will bring you to my server! :)


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