Hibiscus challenge coming up!

long and short stitching

Hi, everyone! SO excited to tell you that the next Stitch Along might start sooner than expected. I hope you don't mind ;)

With the situation in the world and a load of free time on our hands, I thought why not speed up the preparation process a little and have some fun together during the upcoming weeks... God knows we need to cheer up a bit!

If you're subscribed to Stitch Floral you know that I've already asked about the theme of the next Stitch Along and any other wishes about it. And the most popular replies contained a desire to practice long and short stitching and to embroider some exotic plants and flowers.

So, following your command, here is the new design! (I didn't finish stitching it yet, there are two elements left).

hibiscus embroidery

Juicy summer colors to uplift our mood during this period, a reminder that things pass and there is still something to look forward :)

And a bit of a challenge in long and short stitching.

hibiscus long and short stitching

hibiscus long and short stitching

That's right, long and short stitching here is not the simplest one (taking it a level up from Cecelia Rose) and that's exactly why I want to make it a challenge rather than a regular Stitch Along.

So that your mind is prepared for some difficulties but we can do our best together :)

embroidery twig

But don't worry, it's balanced out with simpler elements like these ones.

Instructions will be posted on the blog for free (with LOTS of step by step pictures!). As for the PDF patterns, be sure to be subscribed to receive them in the newsletters.

Hope you're as excited as I am! :)


  1. Thanks Amina. Though I'm busy at home but I'm so in need of a beautiful embroidery - thanks for your incentive

    1. My pleasure, méri! Hope it cheers you up a little :)


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