Your soul is an ocean of thousands waves

Here's a new spread from the Blue Journal!

I had a lot of fun working on this one, loved to experiment with applique (although there are some things that could be done better)! :D

Having an ocean/waves/aquatic theme was one of the first things I had on my “to do” list for this journal. And you know what, I'm still not crossing it out! I think there are still more ways to approach this subject.

The left page has a made up phrase which was born suddenly when thinking of the concept.

I do, actually, like it so much... It is a good reminder that all humans are complex beings, that mood shifts are a normal occurrence, that tastes and interests can vary, that people grow and change.

The words were traced on a larger piece of fabric first, then cut into smaller parts and pinned to the background fabric. Then stitched through the two layers. And it kind of resulted in puckering. 

 So a note to myself and anyone who wants to do something similar: it is better to stitch the words on a separate piece of fabric and only then cut them out and baste to the background fabric.

The waves motif was drawn by me and improvised a lot while stitching on fabric. By the way, the cream background fabric is crepe! Something I don't ever use in hand embroidery but have quite a stock since my ribbon embroidery days.

Once again happy that I can use my fabric scraps in the journal!

Now, for the next spread, I'm torn between doing some botanicals in blue shades, or royal Copenhagen china patterns! :)

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