Festive designs are coming!

Vignette desigs

A little spoiler for the upcoming ornament designs :)

The PDF is planned to hit the store in the first days of December so there will be enough time to whip up the patterns and sew them into pretty decorative ornaments and adorn your place or gift to someone.

They are actually pretty simple and are very similar to the Cecelia Rose design we stitched all together.

Vignette desigs

Of course, like always, I include full instructions and progress pictures into my PDF designs. But still, if you are confused about the process or have never stitched anything like that before, having Cecelia Rose as a guidance will be very helpful, in my mind.

Vignette desigs

So, the idea is that you can stitch these designs on certain shapes and cut them out in two copies. One copy can be of a complimenting color. Then stitch them together, stuff them and you get lovely ornaments :)

Easier said than done?

Well, I'm going to include instructions on assembling the ornaments after the stitching is done and I guarantee it will be easier than the plush snowball, haha.

Vignette desigs

Assembling can be done without a sewing machine, by the way. I will show how to do it.

Vignette desigs

So, in short, in one PDF:

  • 4 designs for 4 shapes;
  • instructions + progress shots for the stitching;
  • instructions + progress shots for assmebling the ornaments.

Stay tuned!

Also, happy December everyone! Keep yourself warm :)

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