October Round-up & "Fall Wedding" part 3

November's already crept up without me noticing! Time truly flies fast. Anyway, today is a good day to remember what went on on Stitch Floral through the past month and also to share my progress with the new piece!

But before we start: Important announcement!

My Instagram account is about to reach 5 000 followers and I'm going to have a giveaway on this occasion! The winners will receive my designs from Etsy shop for free :) It will be my first giveaway and I'm very excited (and a little nervous, haha) to share the joy with you! So follow me on IG and check for the updates to not miss the post. Probably will announce it next week!

Also, I would like to thank everyone who donated to Stitch Floral through the Ko-Fi page! I am truly grateful for every “coffee” and happy to know that you share my sentiment about not wanting any ads on the blog. I didn't really expect a lot so you have no idea how warm I felt with every donation :) Thank you from all my heart!

Now, back to the business :)


Last month we learned a couple of new stitches that would allow you to work pretty flowers.

Spider web stitch can be used in two different ways and, accordingly, grants two different looks. One method gives you a nice tightly woven rose, which you can adorn with french knots or beads in the center. Another method gives you a ribbed appearance, which you can further embellish in the center or on the edges.

By the way, I will show pictures with my progress on the “Fall wedding” below and there you can see how to use the ribbed spider web stitch to work a flower petal.

Also, we learned how to make flowers from looped blanket stitch and Turkey stitch. The rose worked in the looped blanket stitch is probably my favorite, and since it's easy to work, it's truly a priceless technique, especially for beginners. The Turkey stitch also allows creating very realistic and dimensional flowers. Check these tutorials out if you still haven't!

Needlepainting tips part 6 focused this time on an “alternative method of long and short stitch” that you may stumble upon in various sources. There are, however, some things I disagree with in regards to this method, and I voiced my opinion and concerns after sharing the full tutorial for this method. You can decide for yourself, whether this method is worth using or not.

Lastly, the “Fall wedding” project! It is taking me much longer than I anticipated initially. I was actually going to finish it by the end of October, but now I hope to finish it by the end of November. In any case, I will keep sharing my progress here.

You can check the first part for the free pattern if you want to join and work this project as well. The charm of this design is that it has a lot of shapes and forms so you can experiment with stitches as much as you like. Personally, I decided to try beaded filling – see the tutorial in part 2.

And here's where I am currently (well, I progressed a bit more, actually, the pictures are from yesterday).

The narrow longer leaves are filled with simple long and short stitch in one color of thread. I thought if I used shading and added more colors it would make the piece too busy and florid. The leaves are only the background for the more intricate flowers, so like that, they don't steal attention but only support the central shape.

As for the larger leaves, I used detached buttonhole stitch here, creating a weaved filling. But, actually, I'm still wondering if I should redo this part or not. It feels too “empty” right now, you know? I guess I will finish everything that is around the leaves first, and then see whether this feeling stays or it actually fits fine. If the feeling of emptiness remains, I will fill the leaves with a solid color like the longer ones and only then weave the detached buttonhole set over it.

And here are the “ribbed” flowers, like I mentioned earlier in the post, worked in the ribbed spider web stitch. The stitch doesn't allow to recreate the flower shape from the design perfectly, so it's a blessing that I used a water erasable marker for transferring the pattern. On the other side, I might add an outline later to bring the shape closer to the original. We will see.

Coming up

November will bring us new tutorials for working pretty flowers, and maybe we can stitch a practice bouquet to train all of them? What do you think?

Also, I want to try making some ornaments for the winter holiday season so you can expect some tutorials for that! I actually have at least 3 ideas, but I'm not sure I will share all of them in the span of this month, haha.

And I still have the “Fall wedding” to finish, so look forward to more progress reports!

Let's make this month fun!

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