"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

This is the start of the “Fall wedding”. Who's up to work it with me?

You probably already know that occasionally I work some patterns that I find on Pinterest or in the old embroidery books (well, essentially the free patterns on Pinterest are mostly scanned from the old embroidery book and magazines), and it is time for me to work one again.

"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

In truth, when I stumbled upon this pattern, it was the love from the first sight.

You see, it has these areas marked with little circles which can stand for beads, or knots, or just the fact that these areas are supposed to be filled while the rest is supposed to be simply outlined? I wasn't able to find the original source of the pattern, so I can't know for sure. But as for me, when I saw the circles it reminded me of beads and it instantly gave birth to the idea on how to work it. Well, at least, partly.

"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

The parts that I have planned are the flowers.

"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

The lower petals are worked using long and short stitch. The petal furthest in the back is to be worked with trellis. Pistil stitch for the pistils. And the areas with circles are to be filled with beads.

The reason why I'm so agitated to work it that way is because I have an extra supply of beads since a very long time ago. I think I bought them around the same time I started hand embroidery, or even earlier when I was still doing ribbon embroidery!

The problem is that the quality of the beads is... uh, well, not the best, haha.

"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

When I made the purchase I was blinded by the packaging: it was a set of cute tiny bottles with cork plugs, filled with pretty beads to the brim. There was a dozen of them and about a half had this charming “pearl” effect in very similar hues, and the others were glassy greens, pinks, blue, etc.

So I bought them. Without a care in the world about the manufacturer and without bothering about the quality of the beads. The tiny bottles hypnotized me!

"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

The problem occurred when I started using them because it turned out that they are very inconsistent in their shapes and have enough defective articles.

Oh well... I don't really regret purchasing the set, to be honest. Because at the time I was so happy and giddy over these tiny bottles! It felt like I found a treasure. They brought such positive emotions that to this day I regard them with warmth in my heart. I just can't be angry, haha.

There's probably some magic in these bottles, I'm telling you!

Anyway. These beads need to be used though, don't they? I sort the worst ones out, and the rest will be used in this design. Although it will take 1-2 bottles at most, and I will still have to find a way to utilize the rest, but... we will think about it later.

So, that's about the flowers.

As for the rest of the pattern, I'm going to be freestyling, deciding on which stitches/techniques and colors to use along the way.

"Fall wedding" progress, Part 1

The leaves were already birthed on the move, haha. The one to the right is worked in cretan stitch, two others are fishbone stitched

But you might notice in the pattern that there aren't many leaves of the same shape left. Rather, there are smaller ones, longer ones, and broader ones. All shapes are different and, for me, this versatility is one of the charms of this pattern: you actually have plenty of possibilities to mull over and plenty of stitches to try.

And that's also the reason, why I encourage you to join me in working this pattern!

You totally don't have to work it the very same way as me. You can work it all in long and short stitch making it a beautiful needlepainting piece. You can just outline the shapes, you can go whitework, you can go stumpwork, you can even include ribbon embroidery (actually there is a chance I will include some ribbons here too, haha). Choose the colors you like, that suit your mood, or the purpose of the pattern if you decide on one. Treat it like a playing field!
It would be really fun to see each other's approach to working a pattern from scratch with no instructions whatsoever.

So, yeah, what do you think?

If there are enough people who will participate I will include this project in the Stitch Along category.

Although it won't be quite the same as the previous ones, because you can literally do whatever you want, haha. But if there is a group of stitchers who are working on the same pattern along with each other, that still qualifies for a “stitch along” doesn't it?

In any case, I plan to post one progress report a week (the next one is an exception because we will be learning new stitches) and finish by the end of the month. So, if you want, join me and share your results too! :)  

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