Needlepainting tips part 7: Must watch Youtube tutorials

Needlepainting tips part 7: Must watch Youtube tutorials

Before I come back with some more specific needlepainting tips, I thought I would drop some Youtube links here which I find helpful and some of which I actually used when learning long and short stitching.

Malina GM Embroidery

My story of learning long and short stitching and needlepainting started back around 2015, I think. And this channel was my first “visual” teacher, apart from some articles and lessons with step by step pictures.

I still check it out occasionally and I recommend everyone to keep an eye on it too. It's actually full of tutorials of various hand embroidery styles: needlepainting, crewel, silk shading, Brazilian embroidery, whitework, sequin work and many more. The channel is bursting with ideas and is a great example of how diverse the world of hand embroidery is.

Recently they uploaded a series of videos with long and short stitching tutorials and while watching I realized how similar my current style is to the owner of this channel, haha. Almost identical.

It's no wonder, really, because their videos from around 2013-2015 were the ones I used as my guidance and, I guess, they influenced me the most heavily. And I totally don't regret!

So if you are a beginner, here are the videos I recommend checking out for a better visual understanding of how long and short stitch works:

I really liked the first exercise with a petal shape because they took the colors that don't really blend, so you can easily see the stitches. And the leaf tutorial shows an example of smooth blending when the colors are close in shade.

Also, here is a nice tutorial of working a Pansy in long and short stitch.

And if you scroll the video feed to the bottom, you will find the ones which I used to learn needlepainting a few years ago. They are the oldest ones. Ah, nostalgia.

Trish Burr

It goes without saying that watching Trish Burr's videos is a must for anyone who wants to embroider like her. Or at least, to work her designs, like we did with Pansies Stitch Along and Magnolia Stitch Along.

She shows her way of working simple long and short stitch and also irregular long and short stitch – the one you can use to work birds' feathers and animal fur.

And, frankly speaking, as you watch her videos, the gorgeous designs from her books don't seem so intimidating anymore, haha.

Chinese silk needlepainting

My last one for today. I discovered this channel recently and I haven't watched all the videos yet, but I really enjoyed them.

Chinese silk needlepainting is like the high class of hand embroidery, at least in my opinion. Elegant, chic, smooth, EXTREMELY neat, and very often double-faced: when the front side of embroidery is mirrored on the backside. Meaning no knots and no awkward thread tails sticking out.

Watching the process of Chinese silk shading is very gratifying. The technique is pretty similar to regular needlepainting with embroidery cotton floss so everything you see there you can implement in your regular needlepainting projects. Besides, there are still enough new things to take out and learn from the videos. For example, how they end the thread on the front side for a neat look on both sides of the fabric.

So here are my go-to Youtube videos to learn long and short stitching. What are yours? If you have some favorite channels or videos, drop the links in the comments so that we all can check them out! And have a nice weekend, everyone!

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