Short notice on blog comments

Hi, there are some changes on the blog and I thought I should inform you so that it doesn't come as a surprise :)

From the start, this blog had a Disqus widget for the comments section. I liked it because it had a feature to upload pictures and you could “like” someone's reply and have a discussion in threads. However, my moderation board for some reason didn't work from the very start.

It didn't really bother me though, as all the comments were decent. But recently there has been a spike in spam activity. Without the functioning moderation board, I can't delete spam comments and they only keep coming. I also can't apply for technical support because this service comes with a more expensive plan and I don't have the funds currently.

So... I'm disabling the widget.

Unfortunately, it means that all the previous comments are going to be deleted as well :( I'm really sorry... There were some really nice, long comments and discussions here, and also the pictures of your results from Stitch Alongs. They will be still alive here in Stitch Floral disqus community, but I'm terribly sorry that they will disappear from the blog :(

With comments section which goes by default with this blog template, I will have full control over the comments. Sadly, uploading pictures will be impossible now so you won't be able to share your embroidery results right under the posts. But you can always send them to me and I can publish them with your consent :)

I guess it is the price worth for keeping this blog free from spam.

Again, I'm sorry for all the wonderful comments that will disappear because of my technical inadequacy, I truly appreciate every single one of them! Hope for your understanding.


  1. There should also be plugins to help you deal with the spam in the default comments section. Otherwise you spend too much time dealing with spammers and not enough stitching, which is no help at all! Good luck with it..

  2. What kind of Fabric you have used for it?

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