Embroidery Art Journal Complete

embroidered journal

It is finished and it got a name!

If you feel lost and don't understand what this post is about, I suggest you check out the previous posts on this topic:

I finally decided what to call this thing.

An embroidery art journal! :)

There were so many options to choose from but in the end, I decided that calling it “stitch book” would be a little misleading, since usually stitch books are aimed at practicing stitches or making a sort of a catalog out of stitches. “Embroidery sketchbook” would describe the purpose of this whole project better but it sounds a little weird to me.

Calling it an art journal seems appropriate since art journals usually do contain different sketches and experiments with various mediums. And that's exactly what I did: tried to go out of my comfort zone and play with new materials and styles.

Have a look at the gallery below to see the result of this journey :)

stitch book

stitch book

stitch book

embroidery geometry, embroidery mountains

embroidery collage

embroidery quote

embroidery lace stitches

embroidery paisley

As a matter of fact, the way I assembled the journal is very awkward :D I will not even tell you because I don't want anyone to copy the steps and then wonder why Amina recommended such a disastrous method, haha. But I'm happy because now I have a few guesses on how to make the next one look better and tidier.

Yes, I'm already thinking about the next one! And I really encourage you to try making an art journal too, this is a LOT of fun :)

P.S. For the page with embroidered "lace" I followed various Youtube tutorials. If you want a source for a particular one, tell me in the comments and I will try to find it :)


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