Stitching Hydrangea: dimensional embroidery tutorial

Hydrangea embroidery tutorial

The art of hand embroidery has a lot of tricks in its sleeves!

Today we are going to learn how to stitch Hydrangea while maintaining its realistic ball-like shape. For that, we need an extra piece of fabric and a LOT of patience since all these flowers take some time to work, haha.

Hydrangea embroidery tutorial

Hydrangea embroidery tutorial

Stitches you will need:

Cast-on stitch (this project is PERFECT for practicing this stitch, since you're going to make dozens of these small petals)

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  1. Hello Amina,
    The process is time consuming but the result is so realistic.
    Your Hydrangea is so gorgeous! I love it! And what looks like the one I have in my tiny garden.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial
    Have a nice day
    Ghislaine in France

    1. Hi, Ghislaine!
      Thank you for liking this project! Hope your Hydrangea is always healthy and happy :)


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