Lazy daisy stitch

Is spring coming in the place where you live? It is so late here. It was snowing today! I'm so impatient for the bright colors of blossoms and greenery of grass, so today I decided to cover one of the most common stitches for embroidering flowers. Lazy daisy stitch, that is. 

This is one of the basic stitches in hand embroidery and you can meet it very often in all kinds of works. I love it because it's really easy and is super handy when you want to stitch cute floral thingies!

First things first, let's try making one!

You start with bringing your needle up at the start of your stitch and then pierce the fabric right next to the point 1 (where you brought the needle up). You can even pierce it back in the very same spot!

lazy daisy stitch tutorial

This way you will create a loop. Now we need to fix this loop in its place. So, next, you bring the needle back up in the place which will be the end of your stitch (point 3).

lazy daisy stitch tutorial

And make a stitch right outside of your loop.

lazy daisy stitch tutorial

Here's your complete lazy daisy stitch!

lazy daisy stitch tutorial

How simple is that?? I really love the name lazy daisy. I mean, even its name suggests that this stitch is perfect for lazy stitchers!

Remember this stitch because you are going to use it a LOT, trust me. 

Petals and leaves of flowers are commonly stitched with this one. It can also get a peculiar look in combination with other stitches. The look of it can vary slightly depending on the thread, the distance between the points at the base of your loop (point 1 and 2 in pictures above) and also depending on the size of the stitch which anchors the loop.  

lazy daisy stitch tutorial

I stitched this tiny flower using daisy stitches for the petals and leaves. And the stem is stitched by... stem stitch, correct.

Actually, another name for this stitch is the “detached chain stitch”, because it is a “relative” of a chain stitch. But this is a different story, which I hopefully will cover in another post!

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