Bur Marigold – project complete!

wild herb embroidery

If you've been following the recent posts in the blog, you probably know that I've tried my hand at embroidering a botanical print of a wild herb called Bur Marigold. The piece is finished now and rejoices me with its vibrant sunny colors!

If you missed previous posts on project progress, you can find them here:

I sincerely think that I didn't make a mistake when I chose to add ribbons as petals for this herb! They added a nice dimension and texture variety and made the flower pop up from the fabric. Ribbons can really do the trick at times.

ribbon embroidery

Since the very start, I was planning to frame this piece. Thankfully I found a fitting frame from the bunch of the ones I bought at a dollar store. It was my first experience at painting it. Sloppy, I know. But I still like it. It gives a bit of festive vibes and emphasizes the cheerful mood of the embroidered piece. I so need it right now when the weather is often dull!

One conclusion I was able to draw: next time I probably won't go after pure white color, but maybe ecru instead.

All the stitches that I used were already covered in the older posts, so be sure to check them out.

hand embroidery wild herb

This was a wonderful experience and I really hope Bur Marigold will not be lonely for long - I'm going to search for new botanical prints to keep her company!

By the way, if you are interested in this particular print, you can download it here. Credit belongs to Ann Murray.

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