Bur Marigold Project Progress – Part 1

I have to admit that floral wreaths are my weakness. I have a wreath of yellow poppies and the latest one -  white anemones with blueberries. But recently I decided to try myself at stitching a true botanical print.

This is an illustration by Ann Murray (IFAS, Center for Aquatic Plants, University of Florida, 1906).

Bur Marigold or Bidens laevis - an annual flower that grows in South and North America. It belongs to the daisy family, so it bears a certain resemblance to it. However, the most prominent difference is that the color of its petals is yellow.

Actually, it doesn't grow in the place where I live, so I had to use photographs from Google as a reference.

For now, I finished with stems and leaves. Small ones on the top are embroidered with daisy stitches (I had to use one-two running stitches inside to avoid empty space). Others are stitched with fishbone stitch. Some leaves are behind the stems, so I filled them in with stem stitching to give them a different look. Some leaves have “veins” with thread of a slightly lighter green color. Stems of the flower are stitches with the stem stitch

Next, is embroidering petals and flower centers. I'm planning on using ribbons to add some extra dimension and realism to the piece. We'll see how it works!

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