Pumpkin Season FREE pattern + tutorial on EGA

Pumpkin hand embroidery tutorial

So excited to share these news!

Together with Embroiderers' Guild of America we offer you a free tutorial for this lovely pumpkin. The season might be ending already, but it's never late to add a bit of vibrancy and warmth in your life, is it?

Pumpkin hand embroidery tutorial

Pumpkin hand embroidery tutorial

Sunny pumpkin, crimson marigolds, and hawthorns that can't hide anymore in the bare branches with few leaves that grew yellow and brown.  

Go to the EGA website and check out the new tutorial.

You will find there:

  • PDF pattern + color and stitch charts;
  • Instructions;
  • Step by step pictures.

This design is very quote-friendly if that makes sense :D You can add some lettering to the center - be it just one word "Fall", some inspirational phrase or a quote from your favorite movie/song - and you have a ready fall art. 

Required level of skills: intermediate. But if you like to challenge yourself, you will find there everything you need, including stitches' lessons. And if you face any trouble you can reach me anytime and I will do my best to help :)

I hope you have fun with this project!


  1. love the free pumpkin pattern. Do I trace from the picture to put it onto the fabric or is there an outline pattern. Marjory

    1. Hi, Marjory!
      Follow this link:

      And there click on the link for the *Pattern* in the list of Materials and Instruments. It will open a PDF document with the pattern and thread index :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern. It caught my eye as I was looking for a way to learn long and short stitching. This was my first attempt and I learned so much! Now that I know that I enjoy the process I will sign up for your tutorial.

    Best regards, Susan


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