The Crafties Awards 2019, I'm nominated! #whyimake


Some exciting news came not so long ago!

When I found out there were awards created for craft bloggers, there was so much happiness in my heart. It's not even about competition or prize – I think the majority of us creative folks are not really concerned about that – but the fact that it is such a wonderful opportunity to let crafters unite, appreciate and learn from each other's art. What a lovely way to sum up this year! I genuinely hope that it will become a tradition.

Knowing that I'm actually nominated in one of the categories was the sweetest surprise!

Some of the nominees in the list are the bloggers that I myself admire and draw inspiration from so to be among them is... well it would be wrong to say “a dream come true” because I've never even dreamt about such things, haha. But it is indeed a huge honor and something that I will cherish for a long time :)

Thank you, Love Crafts for this opportunity!

I encourage you to go and leave a vote for your favorite bloggers. Trust me, your support means the world to each of us. And check out the crafters that you've never heard about before :)

You can visit the Crafties Blogger Awards 2019 page for more information and vote here.

I also decided to use this opportunity and share my story as a craft blogger for everyone who's interested so here it goes :)


Why do I make... why do I stitch?

First of all, why are simple questions like this so hard to answer?? I got really puzzled when I was trying to find an explanation for my urge towards “making”.

...but on second thought, after I stopped searching for a nice reply and thought about it in a plain manner...sincerely... the answer is actually indeed simple.

I make because there is something that is pouring out of me and seeking to be expressed in a material form. It seeks to find a shape, color, texture. To be seen and felt physically rather than stay a vague and obscure image in my mind.

There was no moment in my life where I sat at the table, took a pen and a piece of paper, made a list of pros and cons, and decided that stitching is the most suitable craft for me. There has never been a rational reason for that. In fact, if I were to choose a hobby, maybe I would rather do ribbon embroidery since it is easier, faster and more popular where I live.

My embroidery is more like a passion that grew from a little spark when I tried some stitches as an experiment and simply couldn't stop.

My journey had ups and downs. There was even a time where I had a sort of block against embroidery and was afraid to take a needle in my hands. But in the end, the yearning for stitching took over and a little nudge from one of the readers was enough to get me back on the track. If you are reading this, thank you again, Doris :)

What I find the most beautiful in embroidery is how it turns the plain surface of fabric into a piece of me. My embroidery is a reflection of my feelings, emotions, as well as interests and tastes. It's amazing how you can take something that sits inside of you and stitch by stitch pull it out to the light of the day.

Crafting is fascinating, really, and, in my mind, can be easily considered one of the wonders of this world.

As for my style... I'm still struggling to put it into words even though I do have a certain idea in my head and heart.

If you look at my designs you might notice that I have two main tendencies: florals and geometry. I'm not going to lie and say that I came up with it completely by myself. As a matter of fact, I was greatly influenced by tattoo and line art that I came across at one point on Pinterest. I don't know what this style means for the other artists, but as for me, the combination of these two themes – geometry and florals - struck a chord with me as a believer.

I'm muslim and I believe in God and admire all of His creations which are, in themselves, a combination of two things (well, in my simple mind, that is). You might have heard about a golden ratio, a certain proportion that everything in this world is subjected to. This is what I express in the geometrical part of my art. Order, precision, proportion. Florals, however, express the beauty of chaos and imperfection... They are not scaled or proportioned, they are not built upon a pattern and are not subjected to any rule. They just bloom from under my pen or pencil :)

To be honest, only about 10% of all of my ideas and images I have in my head get their final stitched form. Others stay in my notebook either as a very simplistic doodle or even just as a worded description of the image. But yeah... usually, I have to at least write it down, otherwise, my mind will have a fever, haha.

This blog is a space I started as a support for those who will like and want to stitch my designs. For example, I can't put a lot of details into a stitch description in my PDF pattern. At the same time, a place like this allows me to write whole essays on such topics! I have crash courses on french knots, bullion knots and stem stitch apart from my regular stitch lessons. It also allows me to share some tips, lifehacks, tutorials and my thoughts.

I believe that many of us experience the need to express ourselves on some medium... Sometimes it is vital for soothing your mind and pleasing your soul. That's why there should enough free educational material for you to manage at least the basics.

I started embroidery with some free resources and it was only logical to give back to this community and help others with the same passion. I do my best to help all the beginners to make their first steps and always get excited when you send me your questions. It means you trust me so at those moments I'm full of gratitude :)

Hope this sheds some light on me as a maker and a blogger! I wonder about your story! It would be wonderful if you shared it in the comments!


  1. Amina, congratulations on your nomination and thank you for sharing your story.


  2. I voted. Congrats on the nomination. I love your blog and you deserve to win!!

  3. All the best Amina! I voted for you!

  4. Hello Amina,

    I have just discovered you and am thrilled to find you. Your work is so beautiful and I love all you have to say. Thank you for the information and encouragement your blog provides. I hope you win the award!!

    1. Ahh, thank you so much! I really appreciate! ❤


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