The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 3

The "Art of Cozy" project

This project is finally finished! Yay!

Ah, to be honest, the hardest part of working a project for me is right before the end. Like, if we divide it into 10 stages, for example, then 7-9 will be the toughest, the most torturing for me where each stitch will be like one victory :D I wonder if you have experienced something like that too?

Well, back to business. This piece is ready! I still don't know what to do with it, to be honest. I'm afraid that framing it will create too many borders since there is already one with the window. It would be great to find a frame of the same color as the ground fabric but the color is very peculiar – it is not really white, more like a veeery very fair beige one. It will be a miracle if I find a frame of a matching hue, but you never know until you try, right?

The final part of the project was stitching. I had to add some details to the applique, stitch the window frame and the bouquet of flowers.

That was a journey!

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The "Art of Cozy" project

So, first of all, I decided to finish the applique pieces. For the book. I needed to work the title which I did in back stitch and whipped back stitch for all the curvey and round elements. Without whipping they looked too angular.

The "Art of Cozy" project

As I mentioned in the previous part, I wasn't really satisfied with the cup. After some thinking about what was wrong and whether I should work the cup completely in thread, I came to the conclusion that what threw me off was that the cup's outside looked too empty and plain. So I worked some random motifs there in running stitch, french knots and fly stitch. I used green thread similar to the color of the book, (even though it doesn't look like it in the picture above, it is a warmer color).

The "Art of Cozy" project

You already saw the way one of the curtains is worked in the previous part. The thread for the outline and shadow turned out to be too similar to the reddish color of the curtain but it was still better than using a lighter color (I tested it).

I was thinking about how to work the window frame and, of course, the first option was to fill it in with long and short stitching or stem stitching. But then, I outlined it and suddenly wanted to work slanted stitching. It is not exactly satin stitch since I'm not covering the fabric completely but instead leaving some space between the stitches occasionally. But I liked the way it looked as if I hatched it with a pencil.

The "Art of Cozy" project

And here is the bouquet! I actually really liked it, I didn't even expect it would turn out like that. I was so confused before starting with the flowers because I literally had no idea what kind of colors I wanted there...

The big flowers are worked in long and short stitching. I didn't want to bother with shading here and kind of wanted to work them in basically the same color overall. But there was still need for some kind of a border between the petals - otherwise, they would merge together. So, I used the darker thread, the same one as for the window frame, to separate them.

The smallest flowers, by the way, were supposed to be petalled too! If you received the pattern through subscription, you saw it there. But, frankly speaking, they were small and I didn't want to bother too much again :D Besides, a bit of variety in shapes will never hurt, will it?? So, they are worked in spider rose technique.

So that's how this little window came to life :)

The "Art of Cozy" project

To be honest, it is such a mood right now because it has been pouring in the streets FOR DAYS. Almost non-stop. I can't even make myself take any extra step outside, just keeping snuggling at home with my best friend – a cup of tea :)

Wish you to have wonderful November!


  1. What a lovely piece. I love the rain in it. The lettering is wonderful. How did you get stitch the book to get such a perfect "o" and "c" in the lettering?

    1. Thank you! I used tiny back stitch and then whipped it, there is a link in the text :)


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