The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

Or “Mixed media therapy” :)

Here is the project I've been speaking about lately.

The reason why I brought up the topics of fabric painting and applique this month is because I actually wanted to work this little design and try these two things there.

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

It started with this simple sketch.

I usually make my designs as individual flowers or compositions but I really wanted to try still life! And yes, it is possible to work the whole thing with stitching. But since I started mulling over this and that approach it became clearer and clearer that I want to make it more textured.

So I decided to add paint and fabric applique :)

Hence the posts on these topics this month. As for painting, I had very limited experience with coloring fabric and ribbons and wanted to try it out on some drafts before applying to the project. And as for applique, I wanted to refresh my memory and practice some of the things that I knew in theory.

So the goal of the “Art of Cozy” project is to combine three styles: stitching, painting and applique.

I will be posting my process of working it and will be VERY happy if you join!

Subscribers will receive this design as a PDF document in the next Newsletter for free. The Newsletter is due this Saturday 7 a.m. EST. So if you are not signed up yet, you can do that here.

I believe drawing and making windows is a therapeutic experience and I personally already feel... lighter? after doing the bare minimum, haha. So I encourage you to join me and try making your own using the colors, fabric, thread that you like and adapting it to suit your mood :)

Art of Cozy: Part 1

Step 1: Choosing the ground fabric

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

I knew since the beginning that I didn't want a white background. And nothing too dark either. My options were quite limited but eventually, I found this piece of quilting cotton! It is a warm nude color that is neither too light nor too dark (in fact, it might be a tidbit darker than on the photographs). It even kind of merges with the warm wooden backdrop that I have and that was a good sign for me.

Besides, it isn't too lightweight and is capable of carrying both painting and applique on its surface. So yeah, this choice was easy as soon as I came across this fabric piece.

Step 2: Painting

Actually what I tried to do at this point is to choose other fabrics for my applique.

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

However, that turned out practically impossible because a) I still wasn't sure which elements I'm going to stitch/do the applique for and b) I was totally confused about the color palette. I just took out the fabrics that might fit the project but I was completely at loss about which ones exactly to choose and where to apply.

There was 1 thing I knew for sure, though.

I wanted the window to be white inside. To bring some air into this project and make it look like a window to another world :)

Now, there were two options for that: paint it white or use a white piece of fabric as an applique.

Out of practical reasons I chose painting. The paint doesn't cover pencil lines completely so I wouldnt't have to transfer the vase and the bouquet again.

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

Well, this idea had its peculiar results.

The white did not turn out 100% white here. More like it laid on top of the nude, they merged together and it became a very very light nude. I used fabric paint, by the way. 

It works for me, anyway. But if I wanted 100% strong white color, I would opt for applique and go through the trouble of transferring the bouquet again. That's just a heads-up for you when you will be working it :)

Step 3: Choosing subjects and fabrics for applique

I don't have anythings set in stone yet, I'm just going to share my current train of thought, so to say.

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

At first, I was pretty convinced of this layout. Patterned curtains, blue applique for water, dark green for the book and nude checkered for the mug.

However, the dark curtains kind of bothered me... I knew that I wanted them to be patterned. But these ones were probably a bit too “heavy” in color palette for this project.

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

After searching for more options I stumbled upon this red patterned quilting cotton. I actually really liked it! The color pops out, it is not muted but rather strong. But, at the same time, it is on the warm side and I like how it gives a sort of a distinct frame to the project.

I'm 80% sure about this choice but still have some doubts. I'm also quite sure about the water piece. And the book with the mug are still under question.

In fact, I'm considering taking some fabric, painting it with watercolors, and then using as applique pieces!

The "Art of Cozy" project: Part 1

Well, we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned for the next steps :)

I will be really happy if you join me! You can totally do whatever you like with this design. You can work it all in thread, applique or paint if you want. You can take some fabric and use it as a table cloth. You can cut tiny flowers out of some fabric and glue them in the bouquet (if they are too tiny basting them down might be tough).

There are so many options, so have fun and work cozy windows for yourself! :)

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  1. Estou adorando acompanhar o processo! Vou tentar fazer o meu também!! Obrigada por compartilhar isso!


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