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stitch floral newsletter

And termination of monthly round-ups :)

First of all, I would like to mention here that I'm very thankful to all the students who are rolling in my Needlepainting for beginners course! I've spent a lot of time planning it, stitching, filming, editing, making diagrams, etc. I genuinely think that this course could be the much-needed push in correct direction for many so my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude seeing your trust in me as a teacher. Remember that you can always reach me with any feedback, questions and any confusion you meet along the way. I promise that my goal is to take you to another level and I will do my best for that!

ah... sorry, I'm in my feels, haha

Back to the current topic!

Many of you probably have already noticed the new pop-up subscription form, and I also left a button in a sidebar and one on the main menu. Now, let's speak about why's and what's!

What is Stitch Floral Newsletter and why you should subscribe

I will say right off the bat that the Newsletter is my way of treating loyal readers to more free and "tasty" stuff :)

I'm planning to include various bonuses there and make some coupons and sales subscribers-exclusive. Occasionally you will also get some freebies.

Actually, when you sign up, you will get a free pattern in the first welcoming message!

There will also be round-ups of the latest posts and also a little compilation of old posts that might have gotten lost on the blog but are still useful.

And a bit of motivation talk. I'm a very self-reflcting person and I like to chat on this topic, and would be happy if I could send some positive vibes to you too :)

How often

I realize the problem of oversaturated inboxes and don't want to worsen the situation for you. That's why it was decided that the Newsletter will be bi-weekly. Not too often and not too seldom. 

Sometimes you might also get letters as early notifications for new launches, projects and stitch alongs. If something new is launching I will not wait for the next scheduled Newsletter to inform you, I will do that as soon as I can in a separate letter. 

BUT if you want to receive every blog post in your inbox, you can still do that. You can follow RSS feed – I left the form in the sidebar.

So, once again.

  • Comes bi-weekly
  • Contains exclusive bonuses and goodies
  • Round-up of latest posts
  • Few old but gold posts
  • Motivation

RSS Feed:

  • You will receive every blog post in your inbox. No early notifications, bonuses, round-ups, etc. I don't control this system, it is automatic.

By the way, since I will do round-ups in the Newsletter, I decided that the monthly ones are not needed here on the blog anymore.

To be honest, I thought of creating a newsletter a long time ago when we did Magnolia Stitch Along. I realized back then that if I had collected e-mails through a mail agent, it would be much easier to organize the whole thing and send you updates.

After some time and with some new ideas for projects in my mind, I decided that it is time to start the subscription campaign.

There is a project for October, and I would want to work it together with you. So I will send the pattern as a freebie to subscribers, exclusively. And after the project will finish I'm thinking of putting it on my Etsy shop.

You will know more details shortly!

I have specific plans for October. Nothing spooky, though 😅 I'm not a fan of this Halloween, to be honest.

Instead, I'm preparing something cozy :)


  1. Love your work Amina & I was already subscribed to your newsletter ;) Your lovely peony has popped up in my instagram feed.
    I have your dancing poppies, planters and snowflake in my to do list... just a matter of time as always balancing work, life and handmade passion. Thank you for all these beautiful patterns. Your october cozy surprise sounds so nice! So exciting !!!
    All the best,
    meli @laboutiquedemelimelo

    1. Hi, meli! Thank you so much, I really apreciate your kind words! Hope you enjoy the projects and have fun with the freebies!! :) ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Hi Amina, I tried to comment on your 6 tips for the chain stitch post but couldn't figure out where to comment. I just needed to thank you, I have been scouring every resource I could find to get tips on chain stitch in regards to sharp corners, curves, joining etc. with no luck until I found your post. Thank you a million times, you have finally answered these mysterious questions for me. I embroider daily and love it but for some reason I have stayed away from chain stitch, probably because I couldn't figure out how to do anything with the exception of a straight line, haha. Armed with your tips I now feel confident moving forward with the chain stitch in my current project. Thank you so very much!

    1. Hi! Oh, thank you so much for this message! Chain stitch can be a struggle, that's for sure. I'm so happy you are feeling more confident with it and wish you to have a lot of fun with your current project! I'm sure it will look wonderful! ❤ ❤ ❤


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