4 winter season DIY and embroidery projects

winter diy projects

Here is a little recap of all winter projects available on Stitch Floral :)

plush snowball ornament diy

Up to date this is still one of my most favorite DIYs that I ever did! Plush, soft, fluffy – what else do you need for perfect winter mood?

Last year I made one big plush snowball which we just used to play at home and it brings such warm memories because we really had a lot of fun and smiled a lot.

The ball is VERY soft so even when you pretend to be ah, so angry! And throw it with force, it will still not hurt at all. But, of course, there is no need for being aggressive, haha, I just remembered some funny episodes imitating snowball fighting.

Rather, you can actually play simplified voleyball passing the ball to each other. Or, if you need to have something to squeeze and snuggle to at times of stress – this snowball will also be a perfect fit.

One evening is enough to make one snowball if you're as slow as me. I'm a slow crafter, to be honest :)

You can also do it like me and attach a little loop to the top and make an ornament out of it. I will be honest, I had some other things on my mind back in the days so my patience allowed me to make only one of these and it had been hanging at home for quite a long time even after the festive season finished. But if you have more time and fabric to spare you can make multiple of these and decorate your home with plush snowballs – how cute what that be!

Now that I think of it, I actually saved a bit of that fabric and now I wonder if I should make at least one more...

hand embroidered postcards diy

The latest on our collection of winter projects on Stitch Floral :)

And also might be the easiest one, hm...

Take some empty basic cards and decorate them with stitched winter motifs. The pattern for the motifs I used is available as a freebie in the respective post. You will also find there all the necessary information and instructions for this DIY, including step by step pictures.

Honestly, it is VERY easy and quick to make and you don't have to be a scrapbooking or embroidery guru to get it done.

If you need any tips and suggestions on how to adjust the stitching part for something easier, I'm only a message away :)

diy embroidery ornaments

Another one of my favorites :)

Elegantly stitched soft ornaments that are perfect for decorating any home!

We don't celebrate Christmas here but my family likes decorating a tree for New Year and these little ones were real treasures and spotlight stealers!

They are not too bright (no traditional red and green Christmas and New Year theme). Rather, they are very calm and chic, with muted pastel tones. I don't know about you, but just looking at them brings me some kind of peace and solace. The magic of color, huh?

The stitches are not difficult either, you're likely already familiar with them. If you've never assembled soft toys or needle pillows yourself, you might be anxious about that part. But there's no need to worry – I take you through all the steps in the instructions and there are plenty of pictures for visual support, You will not get lost! :)

snowflake free pattern hand embroidery

And this is one of YOUR favorites, I know, I know :)

A very popular design and is available as a freebie!

I don't really provide any instructions and how-to's for this pattern. Instead, I encourage you to try and interpret it as you want with the stitches you know. A little adventure but the result is going to be worth it!

Perfect for decorating your home for the winter season. You can stitch several of these in different colors or alternating between different stitches. You can also add to this hoop one more with stitched stars – not a pure winter theme but if you coordinate the colors they can match very nicely.

Let your creativity flow!

So this is what Stitch Floral offers you this winter *wink wink*. Which project do you like the most and why? Any wishes for new projects? :)


  1. All are beautiful, but my favorites are the lovely stuffed ornaments! Or the snowflake mandala. No, the ornaments. Yep, that it. :)

    1. 😄 it's a tough choice, huh! I'm happy you like these projects :)

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