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For any teacher, one of the best feelings in the world is to see your students' results! Now and then I come back to see your works, and no matter how much time passes, the chest still feels warm, the cheeks blush and the heart starts fluttering :)

Thank you always for sharing with me your works and letting me take a peek into how YOU see my designs. Not to be a creep, but it is an intimate feeling for me and I always feel the urge to hug you and pat on your head and shower with praises. You're all doing soooo soo great!

So, here is a little gallery to appreciate your efforts, yay!

WARNING: there will be Instagram posts embedded in the post which means a lot of code, so viewing this page in your inbox will not be pleasing to your eyes. Just click to the link and check it on the blog to see all the works :)

Stitch Floral designs results:

Stitch Floral review

Spring Miniatures results:

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Pink Poppies:

Plants freebie:


  1. Thank you Amina for your work and so much inspiration! I stop embroidering some months ago because problems in my old hands... hope next month return to embroidery - missing it so much!
    Again a BIG thanks for your inspiration

    1. méri, your words are the best reward! Hope you enjoy some easy stitching soon, and please take care! :)


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