Freebie! Ribbon embroidered forget-me-nots

Freebie! Ribbon embroidered forget-me-nots

It's not really the season for forget-me-nots yet, but this flower tutorial was requested for a special event that will take place in fall, and I was happy to work on it :) So catch this freebie!

My knowledge in botany is very limited, to be honest, nor have I ever seen forget-me-nots in real life. But as far as I know, they bloom in fall, don't they?

Well, in any case, embroidery doesn't really have seasons. You can stitch them now and they will bring you joy immediately :)

The download link to the PDF tutorial will be at the end of the article.

Freebie! Ribbon embroidered forget-me-nots

Freebie! Ribbon embroidered forget-me-nots

Freebie! Ribbon embroidered forget-me-nots

I simplified my usual Etsy tutorials for this one. The two pages that were omitted are the thread chart and materials and instruments one.

The thread chart is omitted because it is not really relevant. You can use the colors and threads you want! I only mention the ribbon – it is 6 mm wide and satin. However, you can use a silk ribbon, it will create an even more delicate look. I just went with something that is more affordable for the majority.

As for materials and instruments – they are the same ones as for any other stitching you would do. Except that you should take 2 needles – one fine needle for thread, one thicker needle for the ribbon. It is also mentioned in the document.

I also don't provide there instructions on starting and ending thread, so please refer to these posts if needed:

I tried to make this tutorial as easy as possible. There are no difficult stitches (you can find all of them in the Stitch Library with more detailed instructions if necessary), and the ribbon stitches are also the simplest ones. As long as you figure out how to start and end your ribbon, you'll be fine!

I hope this freebie will be a nice addition to your summer and will cheer you up as much as it did with me (it is rainy and cloudy here, so I definitely needed some bright colors, haha).

Don't forget to show me your results! :)

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